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Zeratul is an assassin hero from the StarCraft franchise. He uses his mobility and strength, along with a lot of surprise, to confuse his enemies as he teleports into battle, does damage, and teleports out.

Abilities Edit

Cleave (Q)
Mana: 40
Cooldown: 6 seconds

Deal 200 (+4% per level) damage to nearby enemies.

Singularity Spike (W) [Skillshot]
Mana: 80
Cooldown: 12 seconds

Flings a Singularity Spike that sticks to the first enemy hit. Deals 238 (+4% per level) damage after 1 second and slows the enemy by 40% for 3 seconds.

Blink (E)
Mana: 50
Cooldown: 10 seconds

Teleport to the target location. Using this Ability does not break cloak.

Traits Edit

Permanent Cloak [Passive]

Gain Stealth when out of combat for 3 seconds. Taking damage, attacking, or channeling reveals you.

Heroic Abilities Edit

Shadow Assault [Heroic Ability]
Mana: 50
Cooldown: 45 seconds

Your Basic Attacks cause you to charge at enemies and have 20% increased Attack Speed. Lasts for 4 seconds.

Tier 4 (Hero Level 10)
Void Prison [Heroic Ability]
Mana: 100
Cooldown: 100 seconds

Slows time in an area to a near standstill, making allies and enemies invulnerable and unable to act for 5 seconds. You are not affected.

Tier 4 (Hero Level 10)

Talents Edit

Level1 Tier 1, Hero Level 1
Greater Cleave

Increases the radius of Cleave by 33%.

Tier 1 (Hero Level 1)
Vorpal Blade

Activate to teleport to the last non-structure target you attacked within 3 seconds. 15 second cooldown.

Tier 1 (Hero Level 1)
Shadow Hunter

IconQuestTalent Quest: Gather Regeneration Globes to lower the Mana cost of Blink by 2.
IconQuestTalent Reward: Upon gathering 20 Regeneration Globes, Basic Attacks reduce the cooldown of Blink by 0.10 seconds.

Tier 1 (Hero Level 1)

Level4 Tier 2, Hero Level 4
Gathering Power
Grim Task

IconQuestTalent Quest: Hero Takedowns increase Ability Power by 5% up to 50% . This bonus Ability Power is lost on death.

Tier 2 (Hero Level 4)
Rending Cleave

Cleave deals an additional 40% damage over 3 seconds.

Tier 2 (Hero Level 4)
Combo Slash

After using an Ability, Zeratul's next Basic Attack within 6 seconds deals 40% additional damage.

Tier 2 (Hero Level 4)

Level7 Tier 3, Hero Level 7
Slip into Shadow

Blink gains an additional charge, but its cooldown is increased by 8 seconds.

Tier 3 (Hero Level 7)
Seeker in the Dark

Singularity Spike takes 50% longer to explode. It can be reactivated to Blink to the target, granting 30% increased Move Speed for 3 seconds.

Tier 3 (Hero Level 7)

For 2 seconds, you can activate Blink again to return to the point where it was cast from.

Tier 3 (Hero Level 7)

Level10 Tier 4, Hero Level 10
Shadow Assault [Heroic Ability]
Mana: 50
Cooldown: 45 seconds

Your Basic Attacks cause you to charge at enemies and have 20% increased Attack Speed. Lasts for 4 seconds.

Tier 4 (Hero Level 10)
Void Prison [Heroic Ability]
Mana: 100
Cooldown: 100 seconds

Slows time in an area to a near standstill, making allies and enemies invulnerable and unable to act for 5 seconds. You are not affected.

Tier 4 (Hero Level 10)

Level13 Tier 5, Hero Level 13
Shroud of Adun

Zeratul gains a shield equal to 15% of his Maximum Health over 5 seconds while under Permanent Cloak.

Tier 5 (Hero Level 13)
Mending Strikes

Basic Attacks heal for 35% of the damage dealt to the primary target.

Tier 5 (Hero Level 13)
Spell Shield
Cooldown: 0.5 seconds

Every 30 seconds, gain 50 Spell Armor against the next enemy Ability and subsequent Abilities for 1.5 seconds, reducing the damage taken by 50%.

Can be toggled to allow or prevent this talent from triggering automatically.

Tier 5 (Hero Level 13)

Level16 Tier 6, Hero Level 16
Sentenced to Death

Deal 40% increased damage to enemies while they have a Singularity Spike attached to them.

Tier 6 (Hero Level 16)
Master Warp-Blade

Every third consecutive Basic Attack against the same Hero deals 125% bonus damage.

Tier 6 (Hero Level 16)
Void Slash

If Cleave hits more than one enemy Hero, it deals 50% (+4% per level) increased damage and its cooldown is reduced by 3 seconds.

Tier 6 (Hero Level 16)

Level20 Tier 7, Hero Level 20
Nerazim Fury

Shadow Assault grants 30% Life Steal, and the duration is increased by 50%.

Tier 7 (Hero Level 20)
Gift of the Xel'Naga

Allies are no longer affected by Void Prison, and enemies are slowed by 50% for 3 seconds once Void Prison ends.

Tier 7 (Hero Level 20)
Nexus Blades Icon New
Nexus Blades

Basic Attacks deal 20% more damage and slow enemy Movement Speed by 20% for 1 second.

Tier 7 (Hero Level 20)
Cooldown: 60 seconds

Activate to reset the cooldowns of your Basic Abilities.

Tier 7 (Hero Level 20)

Skins Edit

Prelate (base)
ZeratulDefault ZeratulDOrange ZeratulDGreen
Prelate Crimson Jungle
Executor IconShard100
In his final moments, Zeratul made the ultimate sacrifice to defeat the Overmind and secure victory over the zerg. Inspired by his example, the Templar and Dark Templar are united once more.
Zeratul - Executor Zeratul - Executor - Ara
Executor Ara
High Templar IconShard100
Despite Judicator Raszagal's warning that only heresy comes from contact with the Dark Ones, Praetor Zeratul believes that this "Tassadar" may be the key to Aiur's salvation.
ZeratulHBlue ZeratulHOrange ZeratulHWhite
High Templar Solarite Pearl
Unraveler IconShard100
The deserts of Aranoch are inhospitable in the best of times. After Mephisto bound a demonic spirit to the corpse of the Assassin-Prince Zeratul things have grown considerably worse.
Zeratul - Unraveler Zeratul - Unraveler - Hollow Zeratul - Unraveler - Noxious Zeratul - Unraveler - Golden
Unraveler Hollow Noxious Golden
Zeratul - Unraveler - Ancient
Dark Prelate IconShard100
Upon selection, each Dark Prelate is presented with a unique armor reflecting their beliefs and personality. Zeratul rarely dons the Shadow's Embrace, as he prefers less formal attire.
ZeratulMSPurple ZeratulMSBlack ZeratulMSRed
Dark Prelate Onyx Vengeful
Ronin IconShard400
After failing to protect his lord from the Lenassa clan, Zeratul severed his nerve cords and his connection to his home. Now he wanders, searching for a way to atone for his sins.
ZeratulRRed ZeratulRBlue ZeratulRBlack
Ronin Teal Night
Zerg Hunter IconShard400
The Zer'atai clan of Dark Templar are renowmed hunters. For nearly a millennium, they have wandered across Shakuras, fashioning intricate armors from the bones of their prey.
ZeratulZHPurple ZeratulZHBlack ZeratulZHBlue
Zerg Hunter Tal'darim Exiles

Development Edit

Zeratul was conceived within the first two years of the game's development.[1] He appeared in early builds of the game. His abilities allowed him to move quickly and confuse the enemy. He benefited from dexterity items. He had the following stats and abilities:

  • Stats
    • Life: 2
    • Attack: 5
    • Abilities: 3.25
    • Speed: 5.75
  • Abilities:
    • Precience
    • Phase Strike
    • Phase Blades
    • Blink (retained in the current build)
    • Astral Projection
    • Illusion Dance[2]

Tips Edit

Strong against
Zeratul’s ability to create havoc in the backline forces Auriel into really difficult situations. Zeratul is good at picking off the fragile Auriel, or her Bestow Hope target, without opening himself up to damage that would fuel Auriel’s healing. As an answer to this, Auriel might want her team whole team to group up together - but this can set them up for some nasty Void Prison setups.

Lúcio doesn’t have much Health, and his main source of protecting himself is via his knockback and increased Movement Speed. Zeratul preys on low-Health targets and has multiple ways to close the gap, making him an especially difficult foe to shake off.

Patch changes Edit

  • IconHotS (Patch June 13, 2017Note: Unraveler skins added.
  • IconHotS (Patch April 4, 2017Note: Nova and Zeratul will no longer attempt to automatically acquire attack targets after issuing and canceling an attack order while cloaked.
  • IconHotS (Patch March 22, 2017Note: Fixed an issue that removed all Mana Cost and Cooldown details from Zeratul’s Ability tooltips.
  • IconHotS (Patch November 15, 2016Note: Base Maximum Health increased from 1545 to 1622; Base Health Regen increased from 3.22 to 3.38.; Danger Pings will no longer remain visible over a Hero who enters Stealth.
  • IconHotS (Patch October 6, 2015Note: Basic Attack damage reduced from 47 (+13 per level) to 47 (+12 per level).

References Edit

  1. 2016-11-21, BlizzCon 2016 Heroes of the Storm Deep Dive Panel Transcript. Blizzplanet, accessed on 2016-11-21
  2. StarCraft Legacy staff. 2010-10-22. BlizzCon 2010 StarCraft II Custom Maps and Editor Panel. StarCraft Legacy. Accessed 2010-10-23.

External Links Edit

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