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Franchise-warcraft This is from the Warcraft universe.

This has been removed from Heroes of the Storm. RightArrow

ZaMuro SC2 Cncpt1

Za'Muro is an orc blademaster who appeared in early builds of Heroes of the Storm.

Background Edit

Za'Muro was the greatest of the Blademasters. He could not be defeated in battle and so he began a quest to find his equal. He has wandered across the metaverse for untold centuries, searching for the ultimate adversary.[1]

Development Edit

Za'Muro was one of the very first heroes developed for the game. Inspiration was taken from the Dark Templar of StarCraft for his design.[2] In early builds, Za'Muro benefited from strength items. The more foes he faced, the stronger he became.[1] He was originally known simply as "Blademaster"< in the 2010 build.[3]

As with all heroes in the game, Za'Muro has a "good" and "evil" appearance. In his case, the most notable difference is that he appeared as a standard greenskinned orc in his "good" form and as a fel orc in his "evil" one.[4]

His stats and abilities were as follows:

ZaMuro SC2 DevRend1

Za'Muro's "good" (left) and "evil" (right) forms

  • Stats
    • Life: 4
    • Attack: 2
    • Abilities: 3
    • Speed: 4+
  • Abilities
    • Asura's Call
    • Chakra Waves
    • Cosmic Blossom
    • Counter Attack
    • Lotus Strike
    • Ultimate: Bladestorm[1]

In/by the April, 2012 build of the game, a hero simply named "Blademaster" was (once again?) present.[5]

Samuro was revealed as a playable character in October, 2016.[6]


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