Xel'naga artifacts have begun to appear all across the Nexus, and SCVs are being deployed to collect them. Terminate these interlopers with extreme prejudice and collect artifact pieces to earn some sweet new rewards!

  • Daily Quest:
    • Collect 12 Artifact Pieces during a single game.
    • Reward: 1 Day Stimpack
  • Event Quest:
    • Collect 150 Artifact Pieces before the Machines of War liftoff from the Nexus on October 18, 2016.
    • Reward: Xel’naga Artifact Portrait

SCVs and Artifact Pieces will have a 50% chance to spawn at the start of a game if any players on the team have not yet completed their Artifact Hunt Daily Quest. This task will be difficult to accomplish alone! Teammates must work together to eliminate the SCVs and reclaim the Artifact Pieces before the game begins.

Patch changes Edit

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