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Warrior-type heroes such as Diablo can dive right into a melee, soaking up damage and dealing it back.

Warriors excel at initiation and sustaining fights.[1] On the in-game leaderboard, the amount of damage received by Warriors is tracked by the "Role" column.

Warriors generally tend to be low-end to mid damage-dealers, with mid utility, mid to high survivability, and spread in the middle when it comes to complexity.

The values in the lists below are provided by Blizzard and are in no way indicative of individual players' experience.

List Edit

By damage Edit

(7) Sonyaplate

(6) Artanisplate Arthasplate Choplate Dehakaplate Leoricplate Stitchesplate Tyraelplate

(5) Diabloplate Muradinplate Rexxarplate Zaryaplate

(4) Anub'arakplate ETCplate

(3) Chenplate Johannaplate Varianplate

By utility Edit

(10) Stitchesplate

(8) Dehakaplate Rexxarplate Varianplate

(7) Diabloplate Zaryaplate

(6) Anub'arakplate Artanisplate ETCplate Johannaplate Tyraelplate

(5) Arthasplate Muradinplate Sonyaplate

(4) Chenplate

(3) Leoricplate

(2) Choplate

By survivability Edit

(10) Chenplate Choplate Johannaplate

(9) Dehakaplate Diabloplate ETCplate Muradinplate

(8) Artanisplate Arthasplate Stitchesplate Tyraelplate Zaryaplate

(7) Anub'arakplate Leoricplate Rexxarplate Varianplate

(6) Sonyaplate

By complexity Edit

(7) Artanisplate Choplate Dehakaplate Zaryaplate

(6) Chenplate Leoricplate Rexxarplate

(5) Anub'arakplate Diabloplate Sonyaplate Tyraelplate

(4) Arthasplate Johannaplate Muradinplate Stitchesplate Varianplate

(3) ETCplate


  1. 2015-05-14, We're here for a quick Q&A on the Kael'thas patch. Reddit, accessed on 2015-05-19

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