The following is a list of quotations from Varian.


  • "Glory for the Alliance." (upon purchase)
  • "Your king listens."
  • "The line of Stormwind's kings is restored."


Alliance (Muradin, Falstad, Malfurion, etc.)
  • (laughs) "It's good to see the Alliance is well represented."
  • "Glory to the Alliance!"
Evil (Gul'dan, Diablo, etc.)
  • "Allying with such evil was not what I was expecting."
  • "Your foul words do not sway me!"
  • "Greymane, I hope you're not getting too old for the hunt."
  • (laughs) "Then lead on, my friend."
Horde (ETC, Samuro, Sylvanas, etc.)
  • "The Horde. Of course."
  • "We share an enemy. Try not to forget it."
  • "Stand together, trust each other, and our enemy will break!"
  • "As always, I appreciate your guidance, Lady Jaina."
  • "A murloc?! Is not even the Nexus safe from your vile kind?!"
  • "Oh, sure, that's cute now, but I know what happens when you grow up!"
  • "I hear you've become a respectable shaman, Rehgar."
  • "Life of luxury? Are you talking about me?"
  • "Warchief Thrall. Much has changed since your time."
  • "Only my enemies shall know my rage... And I intend to keep that promise."
  • "Let our enemy make the first mistake, Tyrande."
  • "Likewise, High Priestess."
  • "Thank the Light! A trustworthy ally!"
  • "Oh, admit it, you did that on purpose."

Humorous Edit

  • "This belt once belonged to Anduin Lothar, the Lion of Azeroth. His spirit still guides us to this day."
  • "The Nexus has gathered powerful heroes from many worlds, but for what purpose? What if this is just the calm before the storm?"
  • "You know, I still watch 3v3 arena fights from time to time. Warrior, Rogue and Druid teams are still my favorite, but... I'll admit, I'm a little biased."
  • "All of the great Warrior abilities, none of the stance restrictions. Anvilmar would be jealous."
  • "Fury, Arms, and Protection. Each has its use on the battlefield. The key is choosing the right one at the right time."
  • "People wonder how I learned how to quell my rage. But the secret is, I'm always angry."
  • "It seems like I've seen Onyxia's head hang from the gates of Stormwind a million times. Still not enough."
  • "Some day, I hope to see Stormwind's Park restored. It was always a calming place for me."
  • "Oh, I just thought of the perfect joke to tell Anduin! What do you call a gnoll who won't share his forest? A Hogger!" (laughs) "Oh, he's gonna love it!"
  • "Hmm, I'm not sure about these talents. How do I respec? Ah... Why is there never a class trainer around when you need one?"
  • "Is anyone else hungry... Like a wolf? No? Well, what about Greymane? He has to be!"
  • "Anduin got me to play Hearthstone once. It was a bit fantastic for my tastes. What kind of game allows Garrosh to order me around? It's absurd!"
  • "Never take advice from someone named Prestor. Ever. They're always a dragon. Trust me."
  • "Are you still clicking? Was that not enough jokes?! WERE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!" (stammers) "Sorry. Uh... Sometimes my gladiator past gets the best of me."

Moving Edit

  • "We march!"
  • "Press forward!"
  • "With purpose."
  • "Stormwind's might shines on."
  • "Act as one."
  • "We forge our own destiny."
  • "I fight for my kingdom."
  • "We think the same way."
  • "Serve with honor."

Attacking Edit

  • "This one's mine!"
  • "For Azeroth!"
  • "To arms!"
  • "Long overdue."
  • "So be it!"
  • "Justice is at hand!"
  • "Good, I was growing bored."

Heroic Abilities Edit


  • "Face me!"
  • "You're holding back. Don't."
  • "Let's see how you fight!"
  • "No potions!"

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