Vanish (D)
Cooldown: 8 seconds

Valeera vanishes from sight becoming Stealthed and increasing her Movement Speed by 10%. For the first second, she is Unrevealable and can pass through other units.

Using Vanish grants Valeera a different set of Abilities while she remains stealthed.

Vanish abilities Edit


Valeera using Vanish

Ambush (Q)
Energy: 10
Cooldown: 1 seconds

Ambush the target, instantly dealing 187 (+4% per level) damage to the target.
Awards 1 Combo Point.

Unstealth: Sinister Strike
Dash forward, damaging enemies.
Awards 1 Combo Point.

Cheap Shot (W)
Energy: 30
Cooldown: 1 seconds

Deal 31 (+4% per level) damage to an enemy and stun them for 1.25 seconds.

Awards 1 Combo Point.

Unstealth: Blade Flurry
Deal damage in an area around Valeera.
Awards 1 Combo Point.

Garrote (E)
Energy: 30
Cooldown: 1 seconds

Garrote an enemy, dealing 20 (+4% per level) damage instantly, an additional 140 (+4% per level) damage over 7 seconds, and silencing them for 2.25 seconds.

Awards 1 Combo Point.

Unstealth: Eviscerate
High damage finishing move.

Patch changes Edit

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