Unranked Draft Mode

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With its own unique queue similar to Quick Match or Ranked modes, Unranked Draft features a pick and ban system similar to Hero League, no party restrictions, and its own unique MMR (Matchmaking Rating). Unranked Draft is the preferred queue for players looking to draft with a few friends or play in a more structured environment than Quick Match but without the pressures of ranked play.[1]

Players who repeatedly leave will be flagged to receive leaver penalties. Players with active penalties for leaving games can no longer queue for games.

Patch changes Edit

  • IconHotS (Patch December 14, 2016Note: Much like Hero League, players who repeatedly leave Unranked Draft Mode and Team League games or draft lobbies will now be flagged to receive leaver penalties.; Players with active penalties for leaving games can no longer queue for Unranked Draft or Team League games.
  • IconHotS (Patch July 20, 2016Note: An “Unmet Requirements” notification will no longer display after finding a match while queued as a party for Unranked or Ranked matchmaking.
  • IconHotS (Patch June 14, 2016Note: Added.

References Edit

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