The following is a list of quotations from Tychus.



  • "Hell, it's about time." (upon purchase)
  • "Hell, it's about damn time." (upon selection)
  • "I am a bad, bad man."
  • "So, you gonna bark all day?"

Infested SkinEdit

  • "My life... For the Swarm!"
  • "Your command?"
  • "Whaaat...?"


  • "Didn't hear no magic word."
  • "Sure thing, armchair general."
  • "A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do."
  • "Fine by me."
  • "Whatever it takes."
  • "Walk the walk."


  • "It's killing time!"
  • "Shut up and die!"
  • "Trigger finger’s all itchy."
  • "Ooh, daddy like."
  • I Do Love My Job
  • "Full-auto!"

Hero Interactions Edit


  • "Impressive Mech, kid!. I gotta know, you got one in blue"
  • "Sure...what the hell is a selfie?"


  • "You're Taldarim?. What happened?. Blue and Gold ain't edgy enough for ya?"
  • "Look, i am the most viable person you'll ever what's viable mean again?"

Sgt. Hammer

  • "Well if it ain't Bamma the Hammer, they still let you drive that thing?"
  • "No"


  • "Hey how come i got stuck with a talking trash can?"
  • "You are awfully lippy for a toaster, ain't you?"


  • "So you're a Zerg now, Sucks to be you"


  • "Just like old times, ain't it partner?"
  • "Yep, just like old times"


These lines can be heard if Tychus is clicked repeatedly. References made within the lines are linked to the point of reference:


  • "Stick your hand in the cage, or you just might lose it."
  • "Steppin’ all over my last nerve, kiddo."
  • "Yeah, I ain’t much of a team player. ‘specially when there’s cow-men, zombies and other weird crap like that involved.”
  • "You know, they could at least let me out of this suit between matches. Startin’ to stink in here! Yuck! Smells like liverwurst and tobacco."
  • "Heh heh, yeah, I love it when… Oh, (beep), (beep)ing cigar fell in the (beep), oh, oh, (beep)! Wait, okay, it’s out... (sniff, sniff) Whew, nothin’ got burned. It’s alright everybody, just calm down."
  • "They say odd objects attract gunfire... And that red team sure looks pretty odd to me."
  • "Here’s how this is gonna work. I spray, you pray."
  • "It’s like they always say – you can’t fix stupid."
  • "Friendly fire… Ain’t."
  • "You ever been inside a barracks? Let’s just say there’s a reason most marines would rather die than go back in there."
  • (snoring) "I love you mama... (snoring) Mama... (grunting) Hey, didn’t anyone ever tell you to let sleeping dogs lie?!"
  • "So what’s the deal with this Nexus place? We just fight each other forever?"

Infested SkinEdit

  • "Feeling a little off my game today."
  • (coughing, hacking) "Got the black lung... Do I even have lungs?"
  • "Hard to remember... Last thing that went through my mind was Jim Raynor's bullet!"
  • (groans) "Tentacles... Everywhere!"
  • "Anyone else's insides feel a little... Explodey?"
  • "I wanted to come back, but not like this!"
  • "Hope she was worth it, Jimmy..."
  • "C'mere and give ol' Tychus a kiss..." (disgusting sucking sounds) "'scuse me, sugar..."
  • "I wonder... Which of these orifices do I smoke out of?" (blows smoke from a cigar, chuckles) "All of them!"
  • "Can't feel my leg... Or arm... Or much of anything..."
  • "Wait, think I feel something movin'..." (groans) "Startin' to wish I didn't..."
  • "So very tired... Hard to think..."