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Franchise-starcraft This character is from the StarCraft universe.

<Savior of the Templar>
Role Support
Difficulty Medium
Attack Range 5.5
Attack Damage 32
Attacks per second 1
Health Points 750
Regen (per second) 1.8125
Resource 500
Regen (per second) 3
Movement Speed 4.4
Gold 4,000 IconGold1
Cash (US) $6.49

Tassadar, Savior of the Templar is a support hero from the StarCraft setting.

Background Edit

An executor without equal, Tassadar has fought tirelessly to purify the Koprulu sector of the zerg infestation. Only now, after learning to wield the shadowy powers of the Void, is Tassadar finally ready to face the Overmind and its all-consuming Swarm.

Abilities Edit

Plasma Shield (Q)
60 Mana

Cooldown: 8 seconds
Give an ally a Shield that absorbs 1000 (240 + 40 per level) damage over 8 seconds.

Psionic Storm (W) (Area of Effect)
65 Mana

Cooldown: 8 seconds
Deal 240 (50 + 10 per level) damage per second to enemies in target area for 3 seconds.

Dimensional Shift (E)
65 Mana

Cooldown: 20 seconds
Become invulnerable and fully invisible for 1.5 seconds.

Traits Edit

Oracle (D)
25 Mana

Cooldown: 30 seconds
Greatly increases your vision radius and allows you to detect enemy Heroes. Lasts for 5 seconds.

Heroic Abilities Edit

Archon (R)
80 Mana

Cooldown: 100 seconds
Transform into an Archon, gaining a 1000 (240 + 40 per level) point Shield, causing Basic Attacks to deal 304 (76 + 12 per level) damage and splash for 152 (38 + 6 per level) additional damage. Lasts for 12 seconds.

Force Wall (R)
35 Mana

Cooldown: 12 seconds
Create a wall that blocks all units from moving through it for 2.5 seconds.

Talents Edit

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Level1 Conjurer's Pursuit Overload Psi-Infusion Minion Bulwark
Level4 Mental Acuity Leeching Plasma Reinforce Structure Promote Healing Ward
Level7 Khala's Embrace Static Charge Deep Shift Calldown: MULE
Level10 Archon Force Wall
Level13 Distortion Beam Prescience Scryer Spell Shield Shrink Ray
Level16 Evasive Shielding Resonation Second Strike Dimensional Warp
Level20 Twilight Archon Force Barrier Storm Shield Rewind

Skins Edit

High Templar
Although they are unwilling to admit it, Tassadar Prime and the Zealobots are losing the civil war against the Judicons. Little do they know, deep within the core of Aiurtron, an infestation is growing...

Quotes and Facts Edit

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Tassadar's mecha skin also doubles as a mount. Here, he transforms into a jetfighter.[1]

Development Edit


Tassadar as he appeared in Blizzard DotA

Tassadar appeared in early builds of the game.[2] He started off as a sentry, but was eventually made a fully fledged hero. A crest was added to his back to make him look more epic.[3] The crest bears resemblance to the one worn by Artanis in Legacy of the Void.

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