Support heroes like Malfurion can swing the tide of battle, assisting with healing, buffs, or other abilities to manipulate the battle in the favor of allies.

On the in-game leaderboard, the amount of healing performed by Supports is tracked by the "Role" column.

Support generally tend to be low to mid range damage-dealers, with higher utility and mid range survivability and complexity.

The values in the lists below are provided by Blizzard and are in no way indicative of individual players' experience.

List Edit

By damage Edit

(6) Rehgarplate Tassadarplate

(5) Tyrandeplate

(4) Brightwingplate Kharazimplate Malfurionplate

(3) Alexstraszaplate Anaplate Aurielplate Li Liplate Lt. Moralesplate Lúcioplate Stukovplate Utherplate

By utility Edit

(9) Brightwingplate Kharazimplate Lt. Moralesplate Utherplate

(8) Aurielplate Li Liplate Lúcioplate Stukovplate

(7) Anaplate Malfurionplate Rehgarplate Tassadarplate Tyrandeplate

(6) Alexstraszaplate

By survivability Edit

(8) Li Liplate

(7) Kharazimplate Rehgarplate Tassadarplate Utherplate

(6) Lúcioplate

(5) Brightwingplate Malfurionplate Stukovplate

(4) Alexstraszaplate Aurielplate Lt. Moralesplate Tyrandeplate

(3) Anaplate

By complexity Edit

(8) Aurielplate

(7) Brightwingplate Stukovplate Tyrandeplate

(6) Alexstraszaplate Anaplate

(5) Lt. Moralesplate Lúcioplate Malfurionplate Rehgarplate

(4) Kharazimplate Tassadarplate

(3) Li Liplate

(2) Utherplate

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