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The Nexus spray - free for everyone.

Sprays in Heroes of the Storm are a cosmetic feature that allow players' heroes to make their mark on the field of battle by dropping unique icons and tags on the terrain. They are obtained through crafting or via opening Loot Chests.

One Spray per Hero can exist on the terrain at any given time, and will last approximately 8 seconds.

Use Edit

  • Default hotkey: T

Prices Edit

  • The basic Nexus spray is free.
  • The sprays from the different Blizzard Entertainment franchises and the "Stylized" sprays are IconShard40 each.
  • The pixelated animated sprays are IconShard100 each.

Events Edit

Sun's Out, Guns Out summer seasonal event
All sprays cost IconShard150

Warcraft Edit

Franchise-warcraft This is from the Warcraft universe.

Warcraft sprays cost IconShard40.
Spray - Banner of the Horde Spray - Crest of the Alliance Spray - Icon of Argus Spray - Icon of Battle Spray - Icon of Blood
Banner of
the Horde
Crest of
the Alliance
Icon of
Icon of
Icon of
Spray - Icon of Courage Spray - Icon of Destruction Spray - Icon of Pandaria Spray - Icon of Shadows Spray - Icon of Technology
Icon of
Icon of
Icon of
Icon of
Icon of
Spray - Icon of the Cursed Spray - Icon of the Earth Mother Spray - Icon of the Forge Spray - Icon of Torment Spray - Icon of Wisdom
Icon of
the Cursed
Icon of
the Earth Mother
Icon of
the Forge
Icon of
Icon of

StarCraft Edit

Franchise-starcraft This is from the StarCraft universe.

StarCraft sprays cost IconShard40.
Spray - SC - Convict 626 Spray - SC - Dominion Betrayer Spray - SC - Elite Tauren Marine Spray - SC - Maraudin' Spray - SC - Nova Terra-zine
Convict 626 Dominion Betrayer Elite Tauren Marine Maraudin' Nova Terra-zne
Spray - SC - Psionic Prodigy Spray - SC - Queen of Ghosts Spray - SC - Rexxar's Raiders Spray - SC - The Lurker King Spray - SC - Where Does It Hurt
Psionic Prodigy Queen of Ghosts Rexxar's Raiders The Lurker King Where Does It Hurt?
Spray - SC - Zerg Russian Spray - Dominion Spray - Protoss Spray - Raynors Raiders Spray - Spectre Ops
Zerg Russian Dominion Protoss Raynor's Raiders Spectre Ops
Spray - Terran Spray - War Pigs Spray - Zerg
Terran War Pigs Zerg

Diablo Edit

Franchise-diablo This is from the Diablo universe.

Diablo sprays cost IconShard40.
Spray - Barbarian Spray - Demon Hunter Spray - Monk Spray - Witch Doctor Spray - Wizard
Barbarian Demon Hunter Monk Witch Doctor Wizard

Overwatch Edit

Franchiseoverwatch This is from the Overwatch universe.

Overwatch sprays cost IconShard40.
Spray - Bear Spray - Cereal Spray - Kambo Spray - Pew Pew Pew Spray - Rikimaru
Bear Cereal Kambo Pew! Pew! Pew! Rikimaru
Bang Spray

Stylized Edit

Stylized sprays cost IconShard40.

Cartoon Edit

Spray - Cartoon Artanis Spray - Cartoon Brightwing Spray - Stylized - Cartoon Garrosh Spray - Cartoon Jaina Spray - Cartoon Kharazim
Artanis Brightwing Garrosh Jaina Kharazim
Spray - Cartoon Li Li Spray - Cartoon Li-Ming Spray - Cartoon Nazeebo Spray - Cartoon Sylvanas Spray - Cartoon Tychus
Li Li Li-Ming Nazeebo Sylvanas Tychus
Spray - Cartoon Varian

Cute Edit

Spray - Cute Anubarak Spray - Cute Azmodan Spray - Cute Chogall Spray - Cute ETC Spray - Cute Ragnaros
Anub'arak Azmodan Cho'gall E.T.C. Ragnaros
Spray - Cute Zagara

"Graffiti theme" Edit

Spray - Stylized - Crazed Tinkerer Spray - Stylized - Drift Beak Spray - Stylized - GG WP Spray - Stylized - Guns Ablaze Spray - Stylized - Ironblade Samuro
Crazed Tinkerer Drift Beak GG WP Guns Ablaze Ironblade Samuro
Spray - Stylized - Mad Axe Garrosh Spray - Stylized - Mad Axe Spray - Stylized - Major Hammer Spray - Stylized - Pandamonium Spray - Stylized - Road Wraith Leoric
Mad Axe Garrosh Mad Axe Major Hammer Pandamonium Road Wraith Leoric
Spray - Stylized - The Outriders
The Outriders

Paper Edit

Spray - Paper Chen Spray - Paper Gazlowe Spray - Paper Li-Ming Spray - Paper Rehgar Spray - Paper Stitches
Chen Gazlowe Li-Ming Rehgar Stitches

"Sea theme" Edit

Spray - Admiral Krakenov Spray - Beware Sharkhaka Spray - Blackheart Spray - Buccaneer Falstad Spray - First Mate Hammer
Admiral Krakenov Beware Sharkhaka! Blackheart Buccaneer Falstad First Mate Hammer
Spray - Greyfin's Curse Spray - Heart of the Sea Spray - Let's Get Kraken Spray - Lil Sea Devil Spray - Pirate Queen Cassia
Greyfin's Curse Heart of the Sea Let's Get Kraken Lil' Sea Devil Pirate Queen Cassia
Spray - Swabbius

Tattoo Edit

Spray - Tattoo Bone Visage Xul Spray - Tattoo Brightwing Spray - Tattoo Diablo Spray - Tattoo Ghost Kerrigan Spray - Tattoo Leoric
Bone Visage Xul Brightwing Diablo Ghost Kerrigan Leoric
Spray - Tattoo Stukov Spray - Tattoo Tyrande Spray - Tattoo Valla
Stukov Tyrande Valla

Animated Edit

Animated sprays cost IconShard100.

Basic Edit

Spray - Booty Coffer Spray - Cheese Spray - Ganymede Spray - Hearts Spray - Murkshimi
Booty Coffer Cheese Ganymede Hearts Murkshimi
Spray - Pepe Spray - Rainbow Unicorn Spray - Skull & Bones Spray - Thumbs Up Spray - Treasure Goblin
Pepe Rainbow Unicorn Skull & Bones Thumbs Up Treasure Goblin

Emoji Edit

Spray - Emoji Arthas Spray - Emoji Butcher Spray - Emoji Lt Morales Spray - Emoji Lunara Spray - Emoji Sylvanas
Arthas Butcher Lt. Morales Lunara Sylvanas
Spray - Emoji Tracer Spray - Emoji Tyrande Spray - Emoji Xul Spray - Emoji Zarya Spray - Emoji Zeratul
Tracer Tyrande Xul Zarya Zeratul

Promotional Edit

Officer D.Va Spray Oni Genji Spray Anniversary Spray
Officer D.Va
Nexus Challenge 2.0
Oni Genji
Nexus Challenge 2.0
Second Anniversary

Patch changes Edit

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