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Spray - Nexus

The Nexus spray - free for everyone.

Sprays are a cosmetic feature in Heroes of the Storm that allow players' Heroes to make their mark on the field of battle by dropping unique icons and tags on the terrain. They are obtained via crafting through shards, or by opening Loot Chests.

One Spray per Hero can exist on the terrain at any given time, and will last approximately 8 seconds.

Use Edit

  • Default hotkey: T
  • Shortcut wheel: X, then left direction

Prices Edit

  • The basic Nexus spray is available for free.
  • The sprays from the different Blizzard Entertainment franchises and the "Stylized" sprays are IconShard40 each.
  • The pixelated animated sprays are IconShard100 each.

Events Edit

Sun's Out, Guns Out (Summer Seasonal event)
All sprays cost IconShard150
Hallow's End (Halloween Seasonal event)
All sprays cost IconShard150

Warcraft Edit

Franchise-warcraft This is from the Warcraft universe.

Warcraft sprays cost IconShard40.

StarCraft Edit

Franchise-starcraft This is from the StarCraft universe.

StarCraft sprays cost IconShard40.

Diablo Edit

Franchise-diablo This is from the Diablo universe.

Diablo sprays cost IconShard40.

Overwatch Edit

Franchiseoverwatch This is from the Overwatch universe.

Overwatch sprays cost IconShard40.

Stylized Edit

Stylized sprays cost IconShard40.

Cartoon Edit

Cute Edit

"Graffiti theme" Edit

Icons Edit

Pachimari Edit

Paper Edit

"Sea theme" Edit

Tattoo Edit

Animated Edit

Animated sprays cost IconShard100.

Basic Edit

Cartoon Edit

Emoji Edit

Paper Edit

Promotional Edit

Patch changes Edit

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