Specialists include the siege and commander heroes, which are more specialized roles that bring different strengths as you build a team.

Specialists have a good spread of damage-dealers and utility across the board, with mid-range survivability and higher complexity.

The values in the lists below are provided by Blizzard and are in no way indicative of individual players' experience.


By damage Edit

(9) Sgt. Hammerplate

(8) Nazeeboplate Probiusplate

(7) Lost Vikingsplate

(6) Sylvanasplate Zagaraplate

(5) Gazloweplate Murkyplate Xulplate

(4) Medivhplate

(3) Abathurplate Azmodanplate

By utility Edit

(9) Xulplate

(8) Medivhplate Zagaraplate

(7) Abathurplate Sylvanasplate

(6) Azmodanplate Gazloweplate

(5) Murkyplate Lost Vikingsplate

(4) Nazeeboplate Probiusplate

(3) Sgt. Hammerplate

By survivability Edit

(7) Azmodanplate Sylvanasplate Xulplate

(6) Medivhplate Lost Vikingsplate

(5) Gazloweplate Zagaraplate

(4) Probiusplate

(3) Nazeeboplate Sgt. Hammerplate

(1) Abathurplate Murkyplate

By complexity Edit

(10) Lost Vikingsplate

(9) Abathurplate

(8) Medivhplate Murkyplate

(7) Probiusplate

(6) Gazloweplate Nazeeboplate Sgt. Hammerplate Zagaraplate

(5) Azmodanplate Sylvanasplate

(4) Xulplate

Patch changesEdit

  • IconHotS (Patch May 17, 2016Note: The Specialist role icon has received updated artwork to better reflect Specialists as masters of unconventional warfare.

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