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Franchise-starcraft This is from the StarCraft universe.

"Now you better pray, because here comes the hammer!"

- Sgt. Hammer(src)

Sgt. Hammer is a Specialist hero hearkening from the StarCraft franchise, though first appears in Heroes of the Storm. Based off the terran siege tank, she has the ability to alternate between Tank (where she is mobile and has a shorter range and less powerful damage) and her Siege mode (where she is immobile yet has a longer range and more damage compared to her mobile counterpart).

She is a replacement for the characters of Horace Warfield and Edmund Duke from previous builds.[1]

Background Edit

Sergeant Bama “the Hammer” Kowalski has served some of the toughest tours around the Koprulu sector. The thunderous roar of her siege tank’s shock cannon strikes fear right into the heart of the toughest of warriors...including some of her allies.

Abilities Edit

Spider Mines (Q)
Mana: 50
Cooldown: 14 seconds

Create 3 mines that deal 58 (+8 per level) damage and slow enemies by 25% for 1.5 seconds.

Concussive Blast (W)
Mana: 75
Cooldown: 12 seconds

Deals 63 (+13 per level) damage and pushes enemies away.

Siege Mode (E)
Mana: 20
Cooldown: 2 seconds

Become immobile to increase Basic Attack range by 90%, deal 25% splash damage, and deal 30% bonus damage to Minions and Structures.

Siege Thrusters
Cooldown: 30 seconds

Increase your Movement Speed by 60% for 4 seconds. Thrusters are always active while at the Altar.

Traits Edit

Artillery [Passive]

Basic Attack range is 20% further than other ranged heroes and your Basic Attacks deal 30% more damage to distant enemies.

Heroic Abilities Edit

Blunt Force Gun (R)
Mana: 100
Cooldown: 70 seconds

Fire a missile across the battlefield, dealing 800 (249 + 29 per level) damage to enemies in its path.

Napalm Strike (R)
Mana: 35
Cooldown: 6 seconds

Deals 360 (56 + 16 per level) damage on impact, and leaves a napalm area that deals 110 (34 + 4 per level) damage per second. Lasts for 4 seconds.

Talents Edit

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Level1 Advanced Artillery Resistant Ambush Regeneration Master
Level4 Vigorous Assault Focused Attack Excessive Force
Level7 Slowing Mines Hyper-Cooling Engines First Aid
Level10 Blunt Force Gun Napalm Strike
Level13 Giant Killer First Strike Bullhead Mines Barricade
Level16 Executioner Mine Field Hover Siege Mode Graduating Range Stoneskin
Level20 Orbital BFG Advanced Lava Strike Fury of the Storm Nexus Frenzy

Skins Edit

Siege Tank Operator
Sgt. Doomhammer
War World
Hero level 10, 10,000 gold

Quotes and Facts Edit

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Development Edit

Removed skins
Siege Tank
Warworld III

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Patch changes Edit

  • IconHotS (Patch August 18, 2015Note: Received updated facial animations.; Health increased from 720 (+140 per level) to 740 (+150 per level).

References Edit

  1. 2013-11-11, Heroes of the Storm: Sixen Interviews Dustin Browder. YouTube, accessed on 2013-12-01

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