Sandbox Custom Game is a game mode where players can create a custom game experience for play.

Cursed Hollow and Volskaya Foundry have been added to Custom Games that allow up to 10 players at once to use a wide variety of “cheats” to test the absolute limits of their Heroes in multiplayer, sandbox-style gameplay.

Cheat menu Edit

A cheat menu appears along the left side of the screen in-game.

  • By default, only Player 1 will have access to the cheat menu. However, Player 1 can check the “Share Cheats” box at the top of the menu to give access to all other players.
  • Players may close the cheat menu by clicking the “X” in the top-right corner of the panel. The menu can be restored by clicking the “Show Controls” button.
  • All players will receive an in-game chat notification whenever a cheat is used.

Options Edit

  • Set Game Speed: Change game speed among Slower, Slow, Normal, Fast, and Faster.
  • Toggle Minions: Enable or disable Minion spawns for each team.
  • Reset Structures: Restore all Structures to full Health. If a Structure was destroyed, it is rebuilt.
  • Toggle Tribute Spawning: Enable or disable Raven Lord Tribute spawns. This button is only enabled before the first Tribute event begins.
  • Move Here: Instantly moves the player's Hero to the camera location.
  • Reset Talents: Reset all players’ Talent selections.
    • If “Share Cheats” is enabled, this button will only reset Talents for the player that pressed it.
  • Reset Cooldowns: Reset all players’ Ability cooldowns. Can be used once every 5 seconds.
    • If “Share Cheats” is enabled, this button will only reset cooldowns for the player that pressed it.
  • Set Team Level: Adjust each team's level from 1 up to 30. This will also affect the strength of Minions and neutral Mercenary Camps.
  • Toggle Infinite Mana: Enable or disable Ability costs for each team.
  • Set Damage Dealt: Adjust each team’s damage output from 0 up to 300% of normal damage.
  • Set Damage Taken: Adjust the amount of damage received by each team from 0 up to 300% of normal damage.​
  • Sandbox Volskaya Foundry also features a “Triglav Protector” button, which allows a player to immediately spawn a Protector at their Hero’s location.

Patch changes Edit

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