The following is a list of quotations from Samuro.



  • "You seek my blade?" (in the shop, before purchase)
  • "I am yours."
  • "What task is there?"

Monkey KingEdit

  • "Yes, master?"
  • "Do you wish to speak to Monkey?"


Artanis (Shogun Skin)
  • "Ah, a shogun who joins the battle himself! All leaders should be so bold!"
  • "This humble warrior is honored to fight alongside a shogun."
  • "A blademaster and a brewmaster. We fight together as one!"
  • "And the same to you, brewmaster. I look forward to seeing your technique once more."
Demon (Azmodan, Diablo, The Butcher)
  • "Your presence brings us disgrace! Keep your distance, or my blade will keep it for you!"
  • "Make no mistake, demon: I will never rely on the strength of your kind!"
  • "Your demon worshipping ruined our people and dishonored my clan! I should cut off your head here and now!"
  • "Never! I will redeem the Burning Blade and break the chains you put upon us!"
Horde (E.T.C., Rehgar, Sylvanas, etc.)
  • "I seek vengeance for my clan, but glory for the Horde!"
  • "Together, we fight as one - for the Horde!"
  • "Ah, a kindred spirit. I look forward to fighting next to you."
  • "And the spirits bring me honor with yours."
Lost Vikings
  • "Not all who wander are lost, my friends."
  • "This 'Tomator' must be a great warrior."
  • "My clan was reduced to demon worshippers because of you!"
  • "I prove it with every breath, thought, and action."
  • "I sense a fire within you, little one. Let it burn!"
  • "Hmm, your words are muddled, but your desire for vengeance is clear."
  • "Throm-ka, brother. My humble skills are yours once again."
  • "Yes, it has. Our last parting was too hasty, my friend."
  • "To sacrifice oneself for the greater good... It is an honor to fight beside such a warrior."
  • "You bear the mark of a true warrior. This will be a fight to remember."
  • "This humble blademaster is honored to fight by his Warchief's side."
  • "I will serve the Warchief until my death."
Zeratul (Ronin Skin)
  • "Ah, another disciple of the blade! I am eager to compare our skills."
  • "And to you, my fellow wanderer."

Hero Kills Edit

Demon (Azmodan, Diablo, The Butcher)

  • "Another step on the road to redemption"

Human (Jaina, Raynor, etc.)

  • "You die well, for a human."


  • "Whoa.... You are not one of my images."



  • "Vengeance for the Burning Blade, and for all the clans!"

Horde (E.T.C., Rehgar, Sylvanas, etc.)

  • "We both fight for the Horde, today you die for it."


  • "Redemption can only come by the blade."


  • "Not even the Warchief can impede vengeance."


  • "Your wandering is over, brother."



  • "If on my journey I should encounter the Titans, then the Titans shall be cut."
  • "If the Warchief wishes my death, he has but to ask."
  • "Blademaster training is simple, yet effective. One hundred cuts, one hundred stabs, one hundred parries, ten miles of wandering, every single day."
  • "Who's the meanest, the leanest, the greenest blademaster down in the Nexus? Samuro, the Shogun of Orgrimmar!"
  • "I try not to be angry, but sometimes, I'm just beside myselves." (laughs)
  • "Years ago, six other blademasters and I banded together and taught the Mag'har village how to defend itself against forty ogre bandits! It was a long battle, but it was the finest that Draenor has ever seen!"
  • "It is not easy to wield a Burning Blade. For many, they are... Too hot to handle."
  • "A true master of combat enters a state of no mind in battle. To react with speed and power, you must first empty your mind of all thoughts. So, you are already halfway there."
  • "My best sparring matches are against my own Mirror Images. I call them Samuro Showdown!"
  • "The most skilled blademaster I have ever met was a blind orc who hide his blade within a cane. The next... Was dressed as a rabbit."
  • "This is the weapon of a blademaster. Not as random or clumsy as an axe. It is an elegant weapon for a more civilized age."
  • "The Burning Blade Clan takes its name from an annual festival held in the middle of Hellfire Peninsula. I used to go every year, but now it has become way too commercialized."
  • "No, 'dude', I cannot get you backstage passes. I am Samuro, not 'Samuro'! Go ask E.T.C. himself, then!"

Monkey KingEdit

  • "Ah, what's going on? Why are you poking me? Oh, is this a lesson? I hate those."
  • "My last master tricked me—gave me this golden crown, and then used it to hurt me. He always told me not to do or say things!"
  • "Um, by the way, he didn't teach you any magical chants, did he? (laughs). Ah, of course not."
  • "I have had many names. But I prefer (clears throat) 'The Handsome Monkey King Above All'. It should be obvious why, Master." (laughs)
  • "What? You don't know the 'Monkey King'? Were you trapped under a rock, hmm? Because I was."
  • "I know seventy-two different transformations. Hmm. I bet I can beat our enemy without using a single one." (laughs)
  • "Life isn't about the destination. It's about the journey. Unless reaching the destination grants you your freedom, then it is about the destination."
  • "Masters love to nag. The world would be better off without them. Ah, of course, I don't mean you, Master, you're different."
  • "Aiee... Old Monkey has got himself caught between a rock and a hard place. Again." (laughs)
  • "Riding a horse is beneath me. In a single summersault, I could leap across this entire battlefield. Why shouldn't I?"
  • "Game balance? What is that? It sounds stupid."
  • "For every clone I create, I must pluck a hair from my head. With the way you fight, Monkey will be bald in a month."
  • "Oh, sorry Master, sorry. Monkey will stay quiet... Until you want to speak to me again that is."