The following is a list of quotations from Rexxar:


  • "Thrall hall!" (upon purchase)
  • "Come Misha, our hunt begins." (upon purchase)
  • "I hear the call of the wild." (upon selection)
  • "I'm ready to track."
  • "My quarry nears."


The Butcher
  • "Try to remember who your enemy is, demon."
  • "Allying with demons... what a strange world this is,"
  • "Chen. Strength and honor, brewmaster."
  • "Indeed it has, Chen. Come, let us hunt together once more."
  • "Gazlowe, are you ready?"
  • "Got lost in Desolace for a few years, besides that, I can't complain."
  • "Lok'tar ogar!"
  • "For the horde!"
  • "Proudmoore, it has been quite some time since."
  • "Eeeh... Let us focus on the fight ahead."
  • "A little far from the Echo Isles, aren't you?
  • "Eeeh... This one has some fighting in, interesting."
  • "Warchief, it is an honor."
  • "Warchief, it is good to fight alongside you once more."
  • "Well met, hunter."
  • "Finally, someone else with hunting experience."


  • "I'm acting on instinct."
  • "Our paths converge."
  • "I've got the scent."
  • (sniffes) "This way."
  • "I wander alone."
  • "Let's move."
  • "The path is long."
  • "So be it."
  • "On the prowl."


  • "By fang and claw."
  • "Unleash the beast."
  • "For the horde!"
  • "Die, wretch!"
  • "Force them out!"
  • "My eyes are upon you."


  • "There was only one way for this to end."
  • "A good fight."
  • "Ha! Right in the face."
  • "Your scraps will feed the beasts."
  • "Misha? You don't know where that's been!"
The Butcher
  • "You have more in common with chopped liver than a butcher."
  • "A good effort Chen, just not good enough."
  • "Rest well, hero of the horde."
  • "Hmhm, that's two Proudmoores down."
  • "Forgive me, warchief."
  • "You should spend less time as the prey, hunter."


  • "My strength is renewed."
  • "I hear the call of the wild."
  • "Let the hunt begin."


  • "The animals are the only family I have, except for my father... Uh, the animals are the only family I have."
  • "Some believe hunting with a bow to be the ultimate challenge. They should try it with an axe."
  • "I'm on the hunt, I'm after you."
  • "Just to be clear, all the loot we get from this is mine. I need it for... hmm, hunter reasons!"
  • "Not all Mok'Nathal are half-ogres, I'm actually only a quarter-ogre... at best."
  • (Heavy coughing) "My throat is getting a little hoarse. (horse sound) Oh great, not this bull again! (angry bull sound) Could you quit monkeying around!? (monkey sound) Grr, swine." (boar sound)
  • "You kids these days... The mask isn't supposed to be a bat, it's a wolf! And a dark one at that!"
  • "Me? Lost? Ha, please, I know Desolace like the back of my...! What? Where did that come from?"
  • "When I'm out there defending Thunderlord Stronghold from the Alliance filth I can't be battling with hunger as well. That's why I start every day with a big bowl of Meaties, the breakfast of champions... of the Horde!"
  • (Hearthstone menu music) "What I do in my off-time it's my own business!"
  • (Relaxing music) "Oh I love this part... Hahahaha!"
  • (Relaxing music) "By the way, every time you've ever been beaten by a hunter, that was actually me."
  • (Relaxing music) "Alright, break's over, back to this Heroes of the Storm thing."

Heroic AbilitiesEdit

  • "Misha, kill!"
  • "Unleash your wrath!"
  • "Show time!"
  • "To my side!"
  • "Track them down!"

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