Most heroes have a resource that limits how frequently they can use abilities (in addition to individual cooldowns). A hero cannot use an ability without having the required amount of his or her resource.

Mana Edit

Most heroes use mana. It has a maximum of 500 at level 1, plus 10 per level up, to a maximum of 790 at level 30. It regenerates constantly at a rate of 3 per second at level 1, plus 0.0976 per level up, to a maximum of 5.8304 per second at level 30.

Heroes can pick up regeneration globes that restore 8% of maximum Mana over 5 seconds.

Brew Edit

Chen uses brew. It has a maximum of 100, and regenerates only while using his trait, at 40 per second.

Fury Edit

Sonya uses fury. It has a maximum of 100, and doesn't regenerate. Instead, Sonya gains 6 fury from each basic attack, and 2 fury each time she takes damage.

No resource Edit

Abathur, Illidan, Murky, and The Lost Vikings have no resource. Their abilities are limited only by cooldown or other circumstances (e.g. Abathur only has damaging abilities while using Symbiote).

Patch changes Edit

  • IconHotS (Patch July 12, 2016Note: Regeneration Globes: Previously: Restore 32 Mana over 4 seconds.; Now: Restore 8% of maximum Mana over 5 seconds.

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