The following is a list of quotations from the Raven Lord

General Edit

Pre-match Edit

Battle begins Edit

  • "Well? What are you waiting for?" [9]
  • "Let the battle begin!" [10]
  • "Fight." [11]

First talent selection Edit

  • "Talent? Hah. That seems generous." [12]

Talents Edit

First blood Edit

  • "First blood!" [16]

Enemy killed Edit

Player death Edit

  • "Might I suggest dodging?" [30]
  • "A good effort." [31]
  • "Oh, dear..."
  • "Make them pay for that." [32]

Player Disconnects and Rejoins Edit

  • "What's this? A player has left the battle?" [33]
  • "Welcome back, hero". [34]

Killing Spree Edit

  • "Your killing spree is over" [35]
  • "Mayhem" [36]
  • "Hero of the Storm!" [37]
  • "Rampage" [38]
  • "Killing Spree" [39]
  • "Untouchable!" [40]

Allied fort destroyed Edit

  • "Your fort has fallen."
  • "It seems you’ve lost a fort." [41]
  • "Your fort has been destroyed." [42]
  • "Fort lost." [43]

Enemy fort destroyed Edit

  • "Fort destroyed." [44]
  • "Well done." [45]
  • "Fort demolished." [46]
  • "They'll surely miss that." [47]

Allied keep destroyed Edit

  • "Your enemy has destroyed a keep" [48]

Enemy keep destroyed Edit

  • "Well done. Keep destroyed."
  • "Keep eliminated."
  • "Keep destroyed." [49]

Allied core besieged Edit

  • "Your core is under attack." [50]
  • "Oh, your core is under attack." [51]
  • "The enemy is attacking your core." [52]

Victory Edit

  • "Victory." [53]
  • "Was there any question?" [54]
  • (laughs) "Well done, heroes." [55]

Defeat Edit

  • "Defeat." [56]
  • "Shall we try again?" [57]
  • "Let's play again sometime." [58]

Cursed Hollow Edit

Tribute spawns Edit

  • "Gather tribute, or face my curse. The choice is simple." [59]
  • "Gather tribute. I demand it."
  • "Heroes... gather tribute and earn my favor." [60]
  • "I grow tired of your petty squabbling. Gather tribute! Earn my favor!" [61]
  • "Shall we see who gathers enough tribute this time?" [62]
  • "Who shall gather this one?" [63]
  • "I believe some tribute is in order." [64]
  • "You'd best hurry... (laughs) [65]
  • "Who can gather this one, I wonder." [66]
  • "Tribute, in my name." [67]
  • "The Raven Lord demands tribute." [68]
  • "Who shall carry my favor?" [69]
  • "Shall we see ho gathers this one?" [70]
  • "Gather tribute. I must have it." [71]
  • "If you wish my blessing, you better run." [72]

Player's team cursed Edit

  • "The curse falls upon you."
  • "The curse falls upon you, heroes. Will you survive it?"
  • "My curse upon you!" [73]
  • "Unacceptable! You shall know my curse!" [74]

Enemy team cursed Edit

  • "My favor is yours, heroes. Your enemies shall fall!" [75]
  • "Well done. Your enemies shall be weakened. Let them fall before you."
  • "You have earned my favor, heroes. Let your enemies know my wrath!" [76]

Curse ends Edit

  • "And so the curse ends. Perhaps now you realize its value, yes?"
  • "Enough! The curse is over. I hope you made the most of it."
  • "Let the curse end... Until someone earns my favor once more, that is."
  • "My curse subsides. Gather tribute if you wish my favor." [77]

Towers of Doom Edit

Replays use the Raven Lord as the announcer.

Altars prepare to spawn Edit

  • "It is nearly time!" (laughs)
  • "The altars will rise shortly, heroes. Be ready, you must capture them quickly." [78]
  • "You had better hurry. The altars rise again."
  • "The altars are rising, heroes. Do get ready." [79]
  • "Once more the altars rise from the depths..."
  • "Prepare yourselves, heroes. The altars rise."

Altars spawn Edit

  • "Go forth and claim the altars in my name! The Raven Lord demands it..." [80]
  • "Lay claim to the altars. Do not disappoint me."
  • "The altars have risen. Activate them... now!"
  • "The time is now, heroes. Claim the altars in my name."
  • "Be swift, heroes. Do not let the Grave Keeper's cronies reach the altars before you."
  • "Take the altars and put an end to the Grave Keeper!" [81]

Altar captured Edit

If siding with Raven Lord

  • (laughs) "Doom to the Grave Keeper!"
  • "Enough of this charade. Bring down the Grave Keeper's core!"
  • "The altar is ours. Fire upon the Grave Keeper!"
  • "This realm will be mine, and mine alone!"
  • "I am lord of this realm, and it will not be stolen from me!"
  • "You have done well, heroes. Let the Grave Keeper know my power!"

If siding with Grave Keeper

  • "Let's see if you learn your lesson... this time!"
  • "Now... you shall fall!"
  • "Oppose the Raven Lord and suffer!"
  • "Meet your doom, Grave Keeper!"
  • "All towers, fire!"
  • "This realm is mine, Grave Keeper!"

Tower Captured/Lost Edit

  • "Ugh! The Grave Keeper has taken a tower."
  • "Impressive, heroes."
  • "One of my towers has been STOLEN!"
  • "Tower aquired."
  • (growls) "The Grave Keeper claims another tower!"
  • "We have lost a tower."
  • "Another tower under my dominion."
  • "My hold on this realm tightens."
  • "Our tower has fallen."
  • "The tower now belongs to..."
  • "The Tower is mine... ... as it should be." (laughs)
  • "This tower shall serve the Raven Lord." [82]

All six towers captured Edit

  • "Ahh... The towers are under my control once more. Now to rid the realm of this accursed Grave Keeper."
  • "We hold... Oh! All six towers. Commence bombardment upon the Grave Keeper!"

Enemy killed Edit

The following responses are used in addition to the General responses.

  • "Yes... Slay them in my name!"
  • "Death to all who serve the Grave Keeper!"

Tunnels open Edit

The former exchange is used if siding with Raven Lord, the latter if siding with Grave Keeper.

  • Raven Lord: "Heroes, I have opened a tunnel near our core that leads to the battleground's center. Use it well." Grave Keeper: "What?! I mean... I knew I could do that! I've opened my tunnel as well!"
  • Grave Keeper: "Heroes, I have opened a tunnel near our core that leads to the battleground's center. Use it well." Raven Lord: "Oh... My heroes shall have this gift as well." (laughs)

Banter with Grave Keeper Edit

  • "Your powers shall be mine, Grave Keeper, like all the others."
  • "This realm is mine. Mine!"
  • "All that bluster, and for what?"
  • "Be gone from my domain!"
  • "Is that all?"