The following is a list of quotations from Ragnaros.

At shopEdit

Before purchase:

  • "The Firelord calls."
  • "The little Firelord calls." (for Lil' Ragnaros skin)
  • "Click 'try', insect!" (if lingered on)
  • "Time burns away." (if lingered on)

Upon purchase:

  • "Taste the flames of Sulfuron!"

After purchase:

  • "Bow before me, mortals!"
  • "My patience is dwindling!" (if lingered on)
  • "Too long! I have waited too long!" (if lingered on)

Interactions (at the start of the game) Edit

NOTE: These quotes are heard if Ragnaros commences general interaction at the start of the game.

  • "We shall burn them all."
  • "We are in agreement."
  • "Our enemies exist only to burn."
  • "Sulfuras will be their end."
  • "Are you prepared to serve me, mortal?"
  • "You had better be ready, minion."

NOTE: These quotes are heard if Ragnaros is interacted upon.

  • "My flames are eternal."
  • "I have been ready for aeons."
  • "I will reduce this world to ash."
  • "I am an elemental lord, you WILL obey me!" (if interaction begins negatively)

NOTE: The following quotes are heard if Ragnaros is interacting with a specific hero.


  • "Am I to be allied with a fish?"
  • "Run back to Neptulon!"

Dwarf (e.g. Falstad, Muradin)

  • "The Dark Iron Dwarves were loyal servants. I expect the same from you."
  • "I remember the last time a dwarf summoned me."

Fire-related (e.g. Kael'thas, Blaze)

  • "You think you have mastery over fire?" (laughs)
  • "I am the source of your power. Do not make me revoke it."

Nature-related (e.g. Lunara, Brightwing)

  • "Fire is the purest form of nature."
  • "All that you hold dear exists only to burn."

Shaman (e.g. Rehgar)

  • "Call upon the fire, shaman. But beware the answer."
  • (laughs) "I am your true master, shaman."

Elementals (not yet introduced)

  • "Bow before the Firelord."


  • "Your efforts are futile, Stormrage. Nordrassil will burn."
  • "Your fate, Stormrage, is to burn!"

Servants of the Old Gods (e.g. Cho'gall, Herald of C'thun Alarak)

  • "The end approaches, supplicant. Prepare to usher it in."
  • "Serve your masters well, and you will ascend to the flame."


Kills Edit


  • "Pathetic!"
  • "To your death!"
  • "The flames consume you!"
  • "Be gone!"
  • "Ashes and cinders!"


Dwarf (e.g. Falstad, Muradin)

  • (laugh) "Will you dwarves ever learn?"

Fire-related (e.g. Kael'thas, Blaze)

  • "Did you think you have mastery over fire? Imbecile!"

Druid of the Flame Malfurion

  • "A good Majordomo is so hard to find."


Nature-related (e.g. Lunara, Brightwing)

  • "The Firelands shall consume you all!"

Shaman (e.g. Rehgar)

  • "You called upon the elements, here is my answer!"


Servants of the Old Gods (e.g. Cho'gall, Herald of C'thun Alarak)

  • "What a pathetic servant you were."

Varian (or basically any character that fits a World of Warcraft character class)

  • "Come back with more fire resistance."

End of Killing Spree

  • "Fool! Your insolence ends now!"

If Ragnaros dies and a hero who kills him dies in the process, he says this:

  • "Even in death, the living flame consumes all!"
  • "You have only delayed the inevitable"

Pings Edit

NOTE: These quotes are heard if the Ragnaros pinging is not an AI hero.

  • "This servant is failing me, assist them!" (assist an ally)
  • "Our ally will die without help!" (assist an ally)
  • "Come forth my servants, defend your master!" (calling for aid)
  • "Assist me, my minions!" (calling for aid)
  • "Go! Crush their core!" (attack core)
  • "Bind these mercenaries to my will." (mercenary camp)
  • "Raze their fort!" (attack tower)
  • "Secure that watchtower!" (secure watchtower)
  • "Claim this for the Firelord!" (capture objective)
  • "This will belong to Ragnaros." (capture objective)
  • "Do not let these insects run rampant around you." (pinging danger)
  • "Be warned, servants, danger is close." (pinging danger)
  • "Defend the hallowed core!" (defend core)
  • "Defend my fort, mortals!" (defend tower)
  • "Defend this structure." (defend structure)
  • "Reduce this structure to ash!" (attack enemy structure)
  • "Demolish that structure." (attack enemy structure)
  • "Burn this hero down!" (attack enemy hero)
  • "My flames speed toward you." (on the way)
  • "Try not to die before I arrive." (on the way)
  • "Too soon, minions, fall back for now." (call for retreat)
  • "I command you to retreat!" (call for retreat)
  • "Relinquish what you have." (turn in)

NOTE: These quotes are heard if the Ragnaros pinging is an AI hero.

  • "These mercenaries will serve the Firelord." (mercenary camp)
  • "I will fight this battle for you." (on the way)
  • "You cannot win without the Firelord." (on the way)
  • "Still too soon, I will return." (retreat)
  • "I am required elsewhere." (retreat)

Activating Molten Core Edit

  • "Enough, I will finish this!"
  • "This ends now!"
  • "I shall crush you first hand!"
  • "Your judgement has come!"
  • "Be seared by fire!"
  • "Now for you!"
  • "You will perish in flames."
  • "Behold, Ragnaros!" (upon activation)
  • "Be gone from my realm, insects!" (if an enemy Ragnaros activates Molten Core)

Quotes within the game Edit

Resurrected or revived

  • "I live, insects!" (resurrected)
  • "Healer, you have earned my favor." (resurrected)
  • "This world will burn with my vengeance." (revived)
  • "The fires of doom cannot be quenched." (revived)
  • "From the Firelands, I am REBORN!" (revived)


  • "Destroy them while they are weak."
  • "What are you waiting for? INCINERATE THEM!"
  • "PAY ATTENTION!, the enemy's near!"
  • "ENOUGH! I will finish this!"
  • "This ends now!"
  • "I shall crush you first hand."
  • "Your judgement has come!"
  • "Be seared by fire!"
  • "Now for you!"
  • "You will perish in flames!"

Complimenting a kill

  • "Ah, a useful servant."
  • "You have done well."
  • "Excellent."
  • "This pleases the Firelord."

Noticing a critically injured ally

  • "Find a healing fountain."
  • "I command you to heal yourself."


  • "Forward, minions."
  • "The Firelands call."
  • "My flames will spread."
  • "Fear me, mortals."
  • "As the Old Gods demand."
  • "What to burn first..."
  • "None can stop the living flame."
  • "All will be consumed!"
  • "Purge the outsiders."
  • "Behold Ragnaros!"
  • "Behold little Ragnaros!" (only for Lil' Ragnaros skin)

Choosing a talent

  • "Yes... Feed the fire."
  • "This realm will burn."
  • "I have been awakened."
  • "The era of flame draws near."
  • "My true power arises."
  • "My true power awaits!"


  • "You dare trespass into my domain?"
  • "Fall to your knees, mortals!"
  • "I shall burn you alive!"

Entire Team Killed



  • "You have my permission to leave" (farewell)
  • "Be gone from my realm" (farewell)
  • "Hi, insect!" (greetings)
  • "The Firelord welcomes you" (greetings)
  • "The Firelord does not apologize!!" (mistake)
  • ".... Sorry!" (mistake)
  • "Excellent work, my servant" (well played)
  • "This pleases the firelord" (well played)


  • "The flames of our victory spread!!!"
  • "YES!. Crush all who stand in our way!"
  • "Excellent work, my minions!"


  • "Our flames rise higher, they cannot stop us!"


  • "... Too sooon"
  • "... You have come too soon"


  • "You do well to aid the firelord"
  • "Your healing has proven useful"
  • "Healer, your efforts have been noted"
  • "Well done, minion!" (at low health)
  • "I will remember your deeds, healer." (at low health)
  • "You have sealed our enemies' doom!" (at low health)

Not enough Mana

  • "Low on Mana."
  • "Need more Mana."
  • "I demand more Mana."


These lines can be heard if Ragnaros is clicked repeatedly.

Heroics (upon casting) Edit

Sulfuras Smash

  • "Sulfuras will be your end."
  • "You will be CRUSHED!"

Lava Wave

  • "Taste the flames of Sulfuron."
  • "By fire be PURGED!"
  • "Be bathed in flame!"