Ragnar'Os were a promotional pack that Blizzard Entertainment sent out to various fansites in order to promote the release of Ragnaros.


Back of Box DescriptionEdit

Ragnar'Os has that satisfying bone-like crunch and gritty ash texture that everyone craves! Using a propriety blend of Legion cooking mats, and sprinkled with the right amount of Arcane Dust, Ragnar'Os is a toasty treat that never disappoints!

Each bite of Ragnar'Os is infused with all the Power Words, Marks of the Wild, and even Water Breathing! But, maybe don't test that last one.

So grab a with an exceptionally high melting point...and taste the flames of Sulfuron!

Message from RagnarosEdit

Greetings insect,

Inside this container of flammable wood pulp, you will find a most delectable treat for a lord (of fire).

I've issued a command to my executors and minions that they should send you this box of circular confections to remind you of my impending domination of the Nexus. I expect you'll redeem the code found within to mercilessly inflict our will upon your enemies.

As for what to do with the breakfast treats: if you find yourself awakened too soon, prepare a bowl of Ragnar'Os for a powerful pick-me-up with the fiery molten core that mortals crave. Grab a spoon, or a lava dredger, and taste the flames of Sulfuron.

The summoning ritual is nearly complete, heroes. Be sure to share this box and its contents with your "social meteor followers to prepare them for my imminent arrival.


Games for INSECTS!Edit

Three quiz questions are provided:

The answers are:


The box contained a Ragnaros "Noobz" marine skin, a code for unlocking Ragnaros, and a code for his "Lil' Ragnaros" skin.[1]


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