Prismatic Link
Tier 7 (Hero Level 20)

Basic Attacks bounce to hit 2 additional targets for 50% damage.

Patch changes Edit

  • IconHotS (Patch November 14, 2017Note: The Prismatic Link Talent will no longer cause Tassadar’s Basic Attack to chain to Kharazim during Seven-Sided Strike.
  • IconHotS (Patch June 13, 2017Note: After learning Prismatic Link, Basic Attacks that bounce to a secondary target will now properly reveal that enemy.
  • IconHotS (Patch April 25, 2017Note: Prismatic Link will no longer cause Basic Attacks to continue to hit the tertiary target if the primary and secondary targets move out of range of one another.
  • IconHotS (Patch January 24, 2017Note: Added.