The Nexus Recruit Portrait, given to all players.

See also Progression, Ranked Season, and Achievement Portraits

Portraits are aesthetic display images used by players to show their accomplishments. Portraits can be obtained in a number of ways, ranging from leveling specific characters or playing during a certain holidays. Several portraits have become unobtainable as holiday events have passed by. Much of a player's profile can be accessed by clicking on their portrait.[1]

With Heroes of the Storm 2.0, portraits became available via the Collection system. Portraits are earned as normal through progression and achievements, with players able to craft additional portraits for IconShard40 each.

Emblem Edit

Emblem Portrait - Cassia Emblem Portrait - DVa Garrosh Emblem Portrait Emblem Portrait - Genji Emblem Portrait - Lucio Emblem Portrait - Malthael
Cassia D.Va Garrosh Genji Lúcio Malthael
Emblem Portrait - Probius Emblem Portrait - Ragnaros Emblem Portrait - Samuro Emblem Portrait - Stukov Emblem Portrait - Valeera Emblem Portrait - Varian
Probius Ragnaros Samuro Stukov Valeera Varian
Emblem Portrait - Zarya Emblem Portrait - Zuljin
Zarya Zul'jin

Nexus Edit

Portrait - Admiral Krakenov Nexus - Anub'alisk Portrait Nexus - Big Top Gazlowe Portrait Cyberhawk Kael'thas Portrait Nexus - Desert Queen Zagara Portrait Eagle Eye Tyrande Portrait
Admiral Krakenov
Big Top Gazlowe Cyberhawk Kael'thas Desert Queen Zagara Eagle Eye Tyrande
Nexus - Flying Monkey Brightwing Portrait Ghost Tracer Portrait God-King Leoric Portrait Nexus - Grimina Doomhammer Portrait Nexus - Grunty Portrait Knight Owl Medivh Portrait
Flying Monkey Brightwing Ghost Tracer God-King Leoric Grimina Doomhammer
Sgt. Hammer
Knight Owl Medivh
Nexus - L800 ETC Portrait Legion Mistress Kerrigan Portrait DT - Stylized Wrath Sonya Nexus - Mad Axe Garrosh Portrait Mad Martian Gazlowe Portrait Nexus - Maraudin' Muradin Portrait
L800 E.T.C. Legion Mistress Kerrigan Legion's Wrath Sonya Mad Axe Garrosh Mad Martian Gazlowe Maraudin' Muradin
Nexus - Marshal Raynor Portrait Nexus - Medic Uther Portrait Nexus - Raider Rexxar Portrait Shadowblade Li Li Portrait Nexus - Spellbreaker Johanna Portrait Stormbot Kael'thas Portrait
Marshal Raynor Medic Uther Raider Rexxar Shadowblade Li Li Spellbreaker Johanna Stormbot Kael'thas
Nexus - StormPunk Kael'thas Portrait Super Sonya Portrait Nexus - Templar Li-Ming Portrait
StormPunk Kael'thas Super Sonya Templar Li-Ming

Diablo Edit

Barbarian Sonya Portrait DT - Bone Visage Xul Dark Wanderer Portrait DI Diablo Portrait D3 Azmodan Portrait D3 Butcher Portrait
Barbarian Sonya Bone Visage Xul Dark Wanderer Diablo I Diablo Diablo III Azmodan Diablo III Butcher
D3 Diablo Portrait D3 Kharazim Portrait D3 Leoric Portrait D3 Li-Ming Portrait D3 Nazeebo Portrait D3 Sonya Portrait
Diablo III Diablo Diablo III Kharazim Diablo III Leoric Diablo III Li-Ming Diablo III Nazeebo Diablo III Sonya
D3 Tyrael Portrait D3 Valla Portrait Ink Xul Portrait Lord of Terror Portrait Nephalem Sonya Portrait DT - Stylized Angelic Valla
Diablo III Tyrael Diablo III Valla Ink Xul Lord of Terror Nephalem Sonya Stylized Angelic Valla
DT - Stylized Azmodan DT - Stylized Demonic Tyrael DT - Stylized Grimskull Nazeebo DT - Stylized Iron Butcher DT - Stylized Kharazim DT - Stylized Leoric
Stylized Azmodan Stylized Demonic Tyrael Stylized Grimskull Nazeebo Stylized Iron Butcher Stylized Kharazim Stylized Leoric
DT - Stylized Tal Rasha Li-Ming Portrait - Tal Rasha Li-Ming
Stylized Tal Rasha Li-Ming Tal Rasha Li-Ming

Hearthstone Edit

Hearthstone Garrosh Portrait HS Gul'dan Portrait HS Jaina Portrait HS - Magni Portrait HS Malfurion Portrait HS - Medivh Portrait
Garrosh Gul'dan Jaina Magni Malfurion Medivh
HS - Rexxar Portrait HS Thrall Portrait HS - Tyrande Portrait HS - Uther Portrait HS Valeera Portrait
Rexxar Thrall Tyrande Uther Valeera

StarCraft Edit

SC - Agent Nova Portrait SC - Commander Raynor Portrait SC - Custom Rig Tychus Portrait SC - Executor Tassadar Portrait SC - Ghost Kerrigan Portrait SC - Hierarch Artanis Portrait
Agent Nova Commander Raynor Custom Tig Tychus Executor Tassadar Ghost Kerrigan Hierarch Artanis
Ink Kerrigan Portrait SC - Queen of Blades Kerrigan Portrait SC - Queen of Ghosts Kerrigan Portrait SC - Spectre Nova Portrait SC - Stylized Abathur Portrait SC - Stylized Alarak Portrait
Ink Kerrigan Queen of Blades Kerrigan Queen of Ghosts Kerrigan Spectre Nova Stylized Abathur Stylized Alarak
SC - Stylized Artanis Portrait SC - Stylized Dehaka Portrait SC - Stylized Zagara Portrait SC - Uniform Lt Morales Portrait
Stylized Artanis Stylized Dehaka Stylized Zagara Uniform Lt. Morales

Warcraft Edit

WC - Canvas Blackhand Portrait WC - Canvas Durotan Portrait WC - Canvas Grommash Portrait WC - Canvas Gul'dan Portrait WC - Canvas Kargath Portrait WC - Canvas Kilrogg Portrait
Canvas Blackhand Canvas Durotan Canvas Grommash Canvas Gul'dan Camvas Kargath Canvas Kilrogg
WC - Canvas Ner'zhul Portrait WC - Crotchety Axe Guy Portrait WC - Fel Queen Chromie Portrait WC - Garrosh the Stranger Portrait WC - Hellhammer Thrall Portrait Ink ETC Portrait
Canvas Ner'zhul Crotchety Axe Guy Fel Queen Chromie Garrosh The Stranger Hellhammer Thrall Ink E.T.C.
Ink Gazlowe Portrait Ink Ragnaros Portrait WC - Ironclaw Rehgar Portrait Sepia Illidan Portrait Sepia Muradin Portrait Sepia Sylvanas Portrait
Ink Gazlowe Ink Ragnaros Ironclaw Rehgar Sepia Illidan Sepia Muradin Sepia Sylvanas
Sepia Tyrande Portrait Sepia Uther Portrait Blood Elf Portrait Draenei Portrait Dwarf Portrait Gnome Portrait
Sepia Tyrande Sepia Uther Sketch Blood Elf Sketh Draenei Sketh Dwarf Sketh Gnome
Goblin Portrait Human Portrait Huojin Pandaren Night Elf Portrait Orc Portrait Tauren Portrait
Sketch Goblin Sketch Human Sketh Huojin Pandaren Sketch Night Elf Sketch Orc Sketch Tauren
Troll Portrait Tushui Pandaren Portrait Undead Portrait Worgen Portrait WC - Stylized Betrayer Malfurion Portrait WC - Stylized Medivh Portrait
Sketch Troll Sketch Tushui Pandaren Sketch Undead Sketch Worgen Stylied Betrayer Malfurion Stylized Medivh
WC - Stylized Shan'do Illidan Portrait WC - Stylized Valeera Portrait WC - Stylized Zul'jin Portrait WC - Toon Gul'dan Portrait WC - Warchief Garrosh Portrait W3 Corrupted Arthas Portrait
Stylied Shan'do Illidan Stylied Valeera Stylied Zul'jin Toon Gul'dan Warchief Garrosh Warcraft III Corrupted Arthas
W3 Death Knight Arthas Portrait W3 Prince Arthas Portrait W3 Thrall Portrait W3 Tyrande Portrait WC - Warlord Blackhand Portrait WC - Warlord Grommash Portrait
Warcraft III Death Knight Arthas Warcraft III Prince Arthas Warcraft III Thrall Warcraft III Tyrande Warlord Blackhand Warlord Grommash
WC - World-Shaman Thrall Portrait WOW Anub'arak Portrait WoW Chen Portrait WoW Chromie Portrait WC - WoW Garrosh Portrait WOW Illidan Portrait
World-Shaman Thrall WoW Anub'arak WoW Chen WoW Chromie WoW Garrosh WoW Illidan
WOW Kael'thas Portrait WOW Lich King Arthas Portrait WOW Ragnaros Portrait WoW Sylvanas Portrait WoW Thrall Portrait WoW Varian Portrait
WoW Kael'thas WoW Lich King Arthas WoW Ragnaros WoW Sylvanas WoW Thrall WoW Varian

Promotional PortraitsEdit

These portraits are generally still obtainable through paid purchases or promotions.

BillietheKid Recruit a Friend SC2portrait-0 SpaceLordLeoricPortrait Azmodunk Goldentiger
Billie the Kid Recruit A Friend Legacy of the Void Space Lord Leoric Azmodunk Golden Tiger
  • Billie the Kid: Awarded to those who made a real money purchase.
  • Recruit A Friend: Awarded for Recruit A Friend participation.
  • Legacy of the Void: Awarded for purchasing Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void.
  • Space Lord Leoric: Awarded for purchasing the Space Lord Leoric skin.
  • Azmodunk: Awarded for purchasing the Azmodunk skin.
  • Golden Tiger: Rewarded when redeeming the Golden Tiger mount key found in the Heroes of the Storm Starter Pack.

Heroes Brawl PortraitsEdit

Note: Starting with Ghost Protocol, it appears the opportunity to acquire these portraits has been removed.

These portraits were earned for completing the weekly Heroes Brawl quest.

PunisherArenaPortrait HammerTimePortrait LostCavernPortrait SkyTempleArenaPortrait BlackHeartsRevengePortrait GhostProtocolPortrait
Punisher Arena Hammer Time Lost Cavern Sky Temple Blackheart's Revenge Ghost Protocol
GardenArenaPortrait MinesReopenPortrait SnowBrawlPortrait SilverCityPortrait MageWarsPortrait BloodlustBrawlPortrait
Garden Arena The Mines Reopen Snow Brawl Silver City Mage Wars Bloodlust Brawl
HeroesoftheStarsPortrait Braxis Oupost portrait AzmodunkBrawlPortrait
Heroes of the Stars Braxis Outpost AzmoDUNK

Event PortraitsEdit

These were available for completing tasks during certain events. Once the event ended, players were no longer able to obtain them. Portraits tied with Seasonal events, however, are expected to make a return each year.

LunarRoosterPortrait Snowflake Portrait OniGenjiPortrait DeputyVallaPortrait XelNagaPortrait Anniversary Portrait
Lunar Rooster Special Snowflake Oni Genji Deputy Valla Xel'Naga Artifact 1 Year Anniversary

  • Lunar Rooster: Awarded for completing the Rooster Race 25 times during the Lunar Festival (2017).
  • Special Snowflake: Awarded for finishing 25 games during Winter Veil.
  • Oni Genji: Awarded for playing 15 games in a party with a Friend during the Nexus Challenge. Also awarded for completing 5 games with a friend in Versus AI Mode, Quick Match, Unranked Draft Mode, or Ranked Play during the Nexus Challenge 2.0
  • Deputy Valla: Unlocked by playing 15 games during the Hallow's End event (2016).
  • Xel'Naga Artifact: Awarded for collecting 150 Xel'Naga Artifact Pieces during the Machines of War event.
  • 1 Year Anniversary: Awarded for logging in during Heroes of the Storm's first anniversary week.

BracketChallenge2016Portrait MonkeyElderPortrait HallowsEnd2015 TreasureGoblinPortrait LunarFestival Azmodunk2015
Bracket Challenge Participation Monkey Elder Treasure Goblin Facebook Launch Week Heroes of the Dorm

  • Bracket Challenge Participation: Awarded for participating in the 2016 Heroes of the Dorm Bracket Challenge.
  • Monkey Elder: Awarded for winning 25 games during the Lunar Festival event (2016).
  • Jack-o'-Lantern: Unlocked by winning 25 games during the Hallow's End event (2015).
  • Treasure Goblin: Awarded for defeating 50 Treasure Goblins during the Eternal Conflict event.
  • Lunar Festival: Awarded for playing 10 games during the Lunar Festival holiday (2015).
  • Heroes of the Dorm: Awarded for submitting a fantasy bracket prediction for the Heroes of the Dorm tournament (2015).

Officer D.Va Portrait Anniversary Portrait
Officer D.Va Anniversary

  • Officer D.Va: Awarded for completing 5 more games with a friend in Quick Match, Unranked, or Ranked during the Nexus Challenge 2.0. The Korean text says 'gyeong chal' meaning 'Police'
  • Anniversary: Awarded for playing 3 games in VS. AI, Quick Match, Unranked, or Ranked during the Second Anniversary
All portraits cost IconShard150

Twitch PortraitsEdit

These portraits are earned by linking Twitch and accounts together. For the spring regionals players were required to watch the event while logged in, but they since changed it to simply have accounts linked.

Storm Watcher Portrait Spring Regionals Portrait Spring Championship Portrait SummerRegional2016
Storm Watcher 2016 Spring
2016 Spring
2016 Summer

  • Storm Watcher: Awarded for linking your and Twitch accounts and watching the 2015 Americas Championship on
  • 2016 Spring Regional Championship: Awarded for watching a 2016 Spring Regional Championship.
  • 2016 Spring Global Championship: Awarded for watching the 2016 Spring Global Championship.
  • 2016 Summer Regional Championship: Awarded for watching a 2016 Summer Regional Championship.

SummerChampionship2016 FallRegional2016 FallChampionship2016
2016 Summer
2016 Fall
2016 Fall

  • 2016 Summer Global Championship: Awarded for watching the 2016 Summer Global Championship.
  • 2016 Fall Regional Championship: Awarded for watching a 2016 Fall Regional Championship.
  • 2016 Fall Global Championship: Awarded for watching the 2016 Fall Global Championship.


  • Some portraits come as codes to be redeemed by the players. Some of these rare portrait codes have appeared for sale on sites such as eBay from anywhere between $50USD and $150USD.

Patch changesEdit

  • IconHotS (Patch May 16, 2017Note: Player levels displayed in portraits have received visual updates, and should be easier to distinguish while using the progression portrait border.
  • IconHotS (Patch January 4, 2017Note: Fixed an issue in which the player portrait would not update correctly after selecting the Blackheart's Revenge Portrait.


  1. 2014-07-24, Heroes of the Storm Technical Alpha Patch Notes build Blizzplanet, accessed on 2014-08-06

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