Phase Prism (E) [Skillshot]
Mana: 70
Cooldown: 16 seconds

Fire a Phase Prism that deals 68.64 (+4% per level) damage to Heroes and swaps your position with theirs. Can be used during Blade Dash.

Phase Prism

Patch changes Edit

  • IconHotS (Patch January 12, 2017Note: Fixed an issue that could prevent Artanis from swapping positions with his target after using Blade Dash and Phase Prism.
  • IconHotS (Patch December 14, 2016Note: You can now cast Phase Prism during Blade Dash; Cooldown increased from 14 to 16 seconds.
  • IconHotS (Patch July 12, 2016Note: Fixed a rare issue in which an enemy who is killed in the same moment as they are struck by Phase Prism could cause Artanis to fly to the target’s death location.

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