"Legends speak of a place where worlds collide and mighty heroes battle for dominance..."

The Nexus is the setting of Heroes of the Storm.

Background Edit

The Nexus is a powerful[1] trans-dimensional storm, a strange limbo of clashing universes.[2] Worlds collide from across space, time, and even dimensions.[3] It operates by its own logic and set of rules;[4] for instance, at least for heroes, death is a but a "temporary setback."[3] Combatants from Azeroth, Sanctuary, and the Koprulu sector have been sucked into it, fated to do battle.[2] New heroes are constantly arriving.[1]

The Lunar Festival is celebrated by the denizens of the Nexus, introduced by those sucked in from Azeroth.

The Nexus (or at least one of its realms) is orbited by two moons.[5] It experiences seasons such as winter.[6]

Deep in the Nexus's primordial wilds, the land itself births ruinwalkers.[7]

Within the Nexus is an elite group of law officers, part of the STORM unit. It's unclear whether they are confined to a single world or if their jurisdiction extends to all worlds.

Known LocationsEdit

"You know the best part about exploring the Nexus? It’s I get to see a new world every twenty minutes or so."

- Li Li(src)


One of the worlds of the Nexus

Numerous worlds exist within the multiverse of the Nexus,[8] which are referred to as "realms."[9] While many of these worlds are unique, some are mirrored versions of those found within Blizzard's franchises and contain alternate universe versions of various heroes.

*Contains alternate-universe heroes.

Quotes and Facts Edit

"Nexus? So this is a protoss thing?"

- A confused Raynor(src)

  • A nexus is literally defined as "a central/focal point," or "a connected group/series." This hearkens to the trans-dimensional properties of the world.
  • The Nexus is not linked canonically to any of Blizzard's other franchises.[11]

Development Edit


A nexus of worlds

The Nexus is the setting of Heroes of the Storm. The original setting of the game was a cyber world where heroes were to provide entertainment[12] for "dark and terrible gods."[13] Elements of this remain in the game's tutorial (the starmap).[3] The idea for the Nexus was to create a world that would allow integration of Blizzard's franchises.[14] The idea of a distinct world stems back to the game's mod origins.[15]

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