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Franchise-diablo This character is from the Diablo universe.

Witch Doctor
Umbaru Heretic
Role Specialist
Attack Range 5.5
Attack Damage 41
Attacks per second 1.11
Health Points 740
Regen (per second) 1.539
Resource 500
Regen (per second) 3
Movement Speed 4.4
Gold 10,000 IconGold1
Cash (US) $9.99

Nazeebo, also known as Witch Doctor, is a specialist Hero from the Diablo franchise. Nazeebo can summon creatures to assault and overpower enemies and can siphon life and mana from heroes.

Background Edit

With cabalistic incantations and vestments of feather and bone, the Witch Doctors call upon spirits from the Unformed Land to aid them in battle. Few outlanders have ever encountered a Witch Doctor in the flesh without losing their own.

Abilities Edit

Name Key Type Cooldown Description
Corpse Spiders
Q AoE 10s Deal 40 damage and create 3 Corpse Spiders that deal 10 damage. Spiders last for 4 seconds.
Zombie Wall
W AoE 14s After a short delay, create a ring of Zombies surrounding the target area that deal 18 damage and last for 3 seconds.
Plague of Toads
E Cone 10s Create 5 Toads that deal 30 damage.

Traits Edit

Name Type Description
Voodoo Ritual
Passive Ability and attack damage poisons enemies for 20 additional damage over 4 seconds.

If a poisoned enemy dies, Nazeebo regenerates 1.95% Health and 1% Mana.

Heroic Abilities Edit

Name Key Cooldown Description
R 60s Summon a Gargantuan that guards you for 20 seconds. Deals 30 damage to nearby enemies when summoned, attacks for 100 damage, and can be ordered to stomp, dealing 30 damage. The Gargantuan deals extra damage to Minions and Structures.
Ravenous Spirit
R 90s Summons a Ravenous Spirit for 8 seconds. Deals 60 damage per second. Nazeebo cannot move while channeling.

Talents Edit

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Level1 Blood Ritual Death Ritual Demolitionist Bribe
Level4 Spider Cluster Gathering Power Envenom Promote
Level7 Gidbinn Fresh Corpses Mercenary Lord Calldown: MULE Clairvoyance
Level10 Gargantuan Ravenous Spirit
Level13 Dead Rush Toads of Hugeness Sprint Ice Block
Level16 Specialized Toxin Leaping Spiders Infested Toads Stoneskin
Level20 Humongoid Annihilating Spirit Fury of the Storm Bolt of the Storm

Skins Edit

Grimskull Nazeebo
The Countess Kerrigan's demands for entertainment mirror the darkness within her. Her harlequins are masters at manipulating life and death, solely for her amusement.

Quotes and Facts Edit

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  • Nazeebo is somewhat unique in the context of the game in that he represents a blending of Blizzard's three main universes-a witch doctor from Diablo, holding the head of a troll witch doctor from Warcraft and a zergling skull on the back of his hip.[1]
  • Nazeebo was present in the original Blizzard DotA mod, but was simply named "Witch Doctor" in this version, without the "Nazeebo" de facto name.[2] In Heroes of the Storm he was once known as "Naziba."[3]
  • A Nazeebo mini-figure will be released in May, 2015.[4]

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References Edit

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