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Matchmkrs is a dating service within the Nexus. Profiles are on display for those who use it.



  • Likes: Disco (hey, you know you like it!). Slaying Blood Elves. And humans. And Orcs. And Nerubians. Huh - slaying in general. Long relaxing scuttles on the beach. Subjugating others.
  • Dislikes: Serving ruthless, demanding masters. Hey, Lich King - I'll call if I feel like it! Being deceased.
  • What I'm Looking For: A female with 6 to 8 legs. Must love children. Thousands of children.


  • Likes: Gold. Constructing incredible feats of engineering that don't blow up 'til I want 'em to. Uhh, did I mention gold? And a little respect goes a long way.
  • Dislikes: Gnome engineers (coughHACKS!cough) jokes. When my tech goes kablooey. Not gettin' paid.
  • What I'm Looking For: Somebody who don't mind goin' dutch. It ain't that I'm cheap...well, okay - I'm cheap. Guilty as charged.


  • Likes: Eldritch power. A good soft bandanna that doesn't chafe. Revenge.
  • Dislikes: Crazy chicks who want to lock you up for thousands of years. Having my motives questioned. Girl-stealing brothers.
  • I'm Looking For: Is that some kind of joke? Seriously? How DARE you - you have NO idea what I've been through!


  • Likes: FREEDOM! ORGRIMMAR! And gorgeous golden-tressed wizzardesses.
  • Dislikes: Blood-curses that taint the spirit of my people. Lich Kings. The Burning Legion (seriously hate those guys!).
  • I'm Looking For: Nobody who consorts with demons, sorry - too much drama. Must love Dire-wolves.


2015-02-13, Heroes of the Storm - Love is in the Air. YouTube, accessed on 2015-02-14</ref>

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