The following is a list of quotations from Maiev. Note that all of these are only present in the game's code, and not applied:


This is a list of specific lines Maiev can have with other heroes. They are divided between intros (where Maiev speaks first) and responses.


  • Maiev and Illidan
    • Maiev:
    • Illidan: "Then for your sake, I hope you die."[1]


  • Maiev and Illidan
    • Illidan: "Can you put aside your anger, warden?"
    • Maiev: [1]


  • Maiev kills Illidan:
  • Maiev kills Malfurion: "You are as traitorous as your brother, Malfurion."
  • Maiev kills Tychus: "A prisoner deserves only chains or death."
  • Maiev kills Tyrande: "Justice cannot be hindered, Tyrande. You were a fool to try."[1]


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