The following is a list of quotations from Lunara.



  • " I would rather see them burn!"
  • "How dare you show your face here!? Err... Faces."


  • "Oh!... Ummm... I'm so out of practice... Mughrggrg?"
  • "*Murloc language*"


  • "...You are going to mark the trees as territory, are you?"
  • "Ahh, the man who is ALMOST a wolf."


  • "So you made it all the way out here Archdruid."
  • "I wish you wouldn't do that."

Regular responses

  • "Why else would I be here?"
  • "The idea is growing on me."
  • "Our enemies will wither before us."
  • "Of course! That's the point."
  • "You have not idea what I'm going to unleash here."



  • "All that metal... For nothing."


  • "Just a man in wolf skin."


  • "You never try hard enough, Malfurion."


  • "Haven't you ruined enough worlds?"


  • "Are you sure Elune favors you?"


  • "Looks like you had a breakdown."


  • "Why must we fight like this, sister?"

Regular kills

  • "You hunted the wrong game."
  • "Fresh food for the plants."
  • "Is only what you deserve."
  • "Think again before you trespass!"
  • "You are one with the forest now."
  • "It had to come to this."


  • "I'm the first of the dryads."


  • "For the wilds."
  • "Fine then."
  • "I seek the enemies of the forest."
  • "I hear the call of Kalimdor!"


These lines can be heard if Lunara is clicked repeatedly. References made within the lines are linked to the point of reference:

  • "The forest doesn't need protection, but you do."
  • "We will take back what the mortals have stolen."
  • "My father Cenarius has power, but I have determination."
  • "Don't misunderstand me; mortals are very good at slaying each other... But the wilds are even better at it."
  • "Something is off about the plants in the Garden of Terror... What are they using for fertilizer?"
  • "Dryads do not graze and I find that offensive."
  • "To be honest, I eat only organic. You would too if there were Goblins mining your homeland."
  • "You might say I'm a force of nature."
  • "Go play outside they told you, it's perfectly safe they told you... I guess they didn't know about ME"
  • "And then she said 'I'm so wasted! I'm so wasted!' and I told her if she didn't shut up right then I'll send her to the glue factory."
  • "There is nothing like the beauty of the outdoors! The poisons and thorns... And cute little choking vines. I can stare at them all day."
  • "I'm game... I mean I'm IN a game between humans and the forest. Good vs Evil? Or maybe just Red vs Blue"
  • "Hmm, Look I didn't choose to be called Lunara. My father named me after my grandmother... Always stuck in the past, my old man."
  • "Call me Mylune and I'll kick you with my front hooves... And my back ones."
  • "Most dryads are fluent in deer, rabbit and bird. But I also speak snake, bear and a few rare scorpion dialects *Hisss Kkhhisss SSsaa*"
  • "I bet you have never been to a dryad party. We go through more moon berry juice than the entire dark moon fair."
  • "And now we frolic. Bound and leap, bound and leap, bound... And of course, leap."

Heroic AbilitiesEdit

  • "Let's get to the root of this problem!"
  • "You can't run for nature"
  • "Suffer as the wild lands have suffered!"
  • "Leaps and bounds are about to get you!"

Choosing Talents Edit

  • "Ah! I can use that."
  • "Nature bestow many gifts."
  • "I feel stronger already."


  • "Nature's blessings upon you." (After purchase of a skin)