The following is a list of quotations from Lt. Morales.

Interactions Edit

General Edit

  • "I've got your back!"

Undead heroes Edit

  • "Healing a zombie... well this is the weirdest thing in my life."

Non-zerg SC heroes Edit

  • "Everyone loves the medic!"


  • "Commander Raynor, i've got your back"

Sgt. Hammer:

  • "Hey i know you, you're Bama Kowalski right?"


  • "These readouts say you're male do you lay eggs?"
  • "Anyone fluent in sardine?, mackarel?"

Zerg characters Edit

  • "Bwlah, we should take you out while we have the chance"

Kills Edit

  • "Flat line: Confirmed."
  • "Time of death: Now"
  • "Patient's prognosis is: Dead."
  • "I don't think we have enough bodybags."


  • "Try practicing real medicine!"

Chen or Li Li:

  • "I can't believe I just killed a panda!"

Zerg heroes:

  • "Ew gross, I got zerg on my boots."


  • "Only good alien is a dead alien"

Lt. Morales:

  • "Heal that!"


  • "He's dead, Jim"

Clicked Edit

  • "Need medical attention?"
  • "State the nature of your medical emergency!"

Moving Edit

  • "Not a problem."
  • "Move out, stat."
  • "I'll take care of it."
  • "Where's the emergency?"
  • "No time to waste"
  • "Here we go."
  • "Come on, we've got lives to save"
  • "Hmm, sounds serious."
  • "Right away!"
  • "Just relax!"

Humorous Edit

  • "I joined the UED because I wanted to make the universe a safer place for my family. Huh, would've thought I'd end up here!"
  • "Whenever I think about Earth I realize how much I miss everything. Even the bugs. They were so much smaller back home, you know?"
  • "Ohw. This is a poking thing, isn't it? Think something quick!... Damn it I'm a doctor not a comedian!"
  • "If someone asks, I always tell them healing is easy. It's exactly like killing, but in reverse."
  • "Everyone is want to shoot the medic first! That's what the giant, life-regenerating shield is for."
  • "Wait, isn't shooting a medic is a war crime? Do the Geneva Conventions apply in the Nexus?"
  • "Once you deliver neurostims to a fledgling overmind, everything else is a piece of cake. Trust me."
  • "Listen, you can only be ask 'what's up, doc?' so many times before you start contemplating malpractice."
  • "Oh, I hate needles personally. Sticking other people with needles however, well... that's just good clean fun."
  • "Always remember the medic's code. First: Do no harm! Well if that doesn't work throw grenades at them!"
  • "Marines always love gossip.They always spread rumors like: 'We use staple guns to close up wounds'. Idiots. I use a nail gun. Staples are expensive."
  • "I gotta say I like the new gear!... Wait! No optic flare? Really? Ugh, I appreciate the grenade launcher but I really miss blinding people."
  • "Look there is a little note: This healing beam has not have been warranted by the FTE. Please do not upgrade large machinery or mythical creatures after healing. Hmm."
  • " - Side effects may include nausea, demential replacement, stomach irritation, and sentient discharges. Always consult a doctor before using healing beam."
  • "Hmm. Maybe I just stick to using this thing on... other people."

Heroic Abilities Edit

Stim Drone

  • "Bring in stims"
  • "Here you go, soldier!"
  • "Neurostims deploy!"
  • "Stim activated!"
  • "Delivering stim."
  • "This should help."

Medivac Dropship

  • "Get in or get left behind"

Other Edit

  • "Always a pleasure to see you, commander." (Browsing in shop)
  • "This shield is heavy, can we start moving along?" (In shop)
  • "Let's save some lives!"(Pre-match ready)
  • "Ready for diagnostics." (Try mode)
  • "One out of one doctors, approve." (Choosing talent)
  • "Ah, new instruments! About time!" (Choosing talent)
  • "Upgrade complete." (Choosing talent)
  • "All right. Let's get back into the field!" (Respawn)
  • "Doctor is in!" (Respawn)
  • "Pulse: Steady, life signs: Stable." (Respawn)
  • "Nice heal. Trust me, I know." (Healed)
  • "Thanks. Good to have you around." (Healed)
  • "Head to the Healing fountain. My nanites only do so much!" (Ally at low health)
  • "Healing fountain, doctor's orders!" (Ally at low health)

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