The following is a list of quotations from Leoric.



  • "A decision born of wisdom." (upon purchase)
  • "All shall suffer!" (upon selection)
  • "You dare?"
  • "Who disturbs the king of Khanduras?"

Space LordEdit

  • "What is it?"
  • "You are testing my patience. It is most unwise."


  • "You remind me of someone... Oh wait, it's me."
  • "I am no servant, at least I was actually a king before I succumbed to madness."
  • "You stand accused to being a traitor to Khanduras, how do you plead?"
  • "What? You dare to mock a king!?"
  • "Are you going to fight this time? Or just talk about how you cannot be beaten?"
  • "More so than you are."
  • "When this is over, we have much to settle, fiend."
  • "There is no rest for me, abomination, but my mind is free."
Nephalem (Johanna, Kharazim, Li-Ming, Nazeebo, Sonya, Valla)
  • "So, how is your alliance with the angels coming along?"
  • "I am not pleased about this either."
  • "Crusader, it seems that fate has decreed that we fight together."
  • "I am always on the side of right, if only the same could be said about my allies."
  • "Shouldn't you have died on of your fool honey-quests by now?"
  • "I prefer "The Black King", it's much more ominous."
  • "You have something to say, angel?"
  • "Ah, so you DO know me, angel, and yet you stood by when Diablo shattered my kingdom."


  • "Let us conquer!"
  • "Your counsel sways me."
  • "To the slaughter!"
  • "Your loyalty is noted."
  • "The damned march forth."
  • "Cower before your king!"
  • "Yes."
  • "It shall be done."
  • "By your leave."
  • "At once."


  • "Kneel, peasant!"
  • "I will have your head!"
  • "Treason must be punished!
  • "This is the price of betrayal."
  • "Who challenges me?!"
  • "Death to all traitors!"
  • "Cower before your king!"
  • "To the slaughter!"


  • "All are loyal in death."
  • "This conspiracy will be rooted out!"
  • "One less traitor."
  • "None shall mourn you."
  • "Serve your king."
  • "There is only room for one corrupted king around here."
  • "Justice for my sons! Oh, and for driving me insane."
The Butcher
  • "That's for getting all that blood in my dungeons."
  • "Perhaps this will silence that tongue of yours."
  • "A thousand and one gods, and none could save you."
  • "Now you are as dead as the rest of your people, savage."
  • "Say hello to your sister for me."
  • "Justice is a lie."


  • "The grave cannot confine me!"
  • "My rule is eternal!"
  • "You cannot kill that which has no life."


These lines can be heard if Leoric is clicked repeatedly. References made within the lines are linked to the point of reference:


  • "I am already dead, so when I am killed, what am I then? More dead? Deader? Alive?"
  • "It's never easy juggling a family, a kingdom, and the soul of a Prime Evil."
  • "The peasants called me mad. Paranoid. Is it paranoid to think everyone around you wants to kill you? Is it? IS IT?! ... Oh, it is? Well, what about when they actually do it?"
  • "These old bones have but one fear left: Osteoporosis."
  • "Does anyone else hear these voices? What? No? Yes? "[laughs] "Yes! Yes, soon they all will!"
  • "Eww! Get your filthy hands off my wishbone!"
  • "I am the Skeleton King, not the King of Skeletons. It is a small but important distinction."
  • "Heroes? You mean those vagabonds who illegally enter my home, smash my jar collection, bring me to life just to kill me again, and leave white items all over my floor? Oh yes, how very heroic."
  • "Do you feel that? It's going to rain again soon."
  • "Darkness follows me. I follow him too, but he doesn't post much."
  • "Why are you being so sternum? I'm just ribbing you. What's the matter, do you not find this bone-punnery... Humerus?"
  • "The leg-bone's connected to the thigh-bone, the thigh-bone's connected to the rib-bone, the rib-bone's connected to the shoulder-bone... I'm starting to regret taking these apart."
  • "Drink milk. It's good for your bones."

Space LordEdit

Heroic AbilitiesEdit

  • "Welcome to your tomb!"
  • "No escape!"
  • "You dare bring the warmth of life into my tomb!?"

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