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Franchise-diablo This character is from the Diablo universe.

<Skeleton King>
Role Warrior
Difficulty Unknown
Attack Range Unknown
Attack Damage Unknown
Attacks per second Unknown
Health Points Unknown
Regen (per second) Unknown
Resource Unknown
Regen (per second) Unknown
Movement Speed Unknown
Gold 15,000 IconGold1
Cash (US) $9.99

Leoric, the Skeleton King has been showcased as a playable character in Heroes of the Storm.[1]

Background Edit

Background needed.

Abilities Edit

Skeletal Swing (Q) (Cone)
Leoric swings his large mace in front of him, dealing damage to those in reach.

Drain Hope (W) (Targeted)
Leoric marks a target for Drain Hope. That target will continue to have their life drained until the ability ends, they perish, or leave the boundaries of the ability.

Wraith Walk (E)
The Skeleton King removes his soul from his physical vessel, granting him increased movement speed and allowing him to walk freely as an untargetable spectre. His physical body will still take damage. Once the Wraith Walk ends, he will reappear where his Wraith Walk last was.

Traits Edit

Unknown Icon needed
Upon death, Leoric turns into a wraith, staying on the battlefield for the duration of his death. He can't deal damage, or be dealt damage in return, but can slow enemies. Upon the expiration of the death timer, Leoric will return (in physical form) to where his wraith is.

Heroic Abilities Edit

Entomb (R) Icon needed
The Skeleton King summons an encasing structure in front of him, causing enemies to be trapped within the structures walls.

March of the Black King (R) Icon needed
Leoric marches forward, swinging his mace, dealing massive damage to those in his path while stealing the life from his enemies.

Development Edit

Leoric was under consideration for inclusion as early as 2011.[2] The idea of having a character that didn’t die was one the team looked at - Malthael was considered, but they ultimately settled on Leoric.[3]

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