"The gardens of Dragon Shire. Radiant, are they not? And yet, they are founded on a lie. Activate the sun and the moon shrines, and the magic that seals away my Dragon Knight will weaken. I shall lend you its power. Burn your enemies. Shatter their fortifications. Remind this world of its true heritage. The dragon will be reborn. Control its power, or be destroyed by it."

- The Lady of Thorns(src)

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The Lady of Thorns is the Realm Lord of Dragon Shire.

She lives among a large population of human nobles, but evidently feels more solidarity with the dragons who used to rule the realm. Consequently, she periodically empowers two shrines named for the sun and the moon and allows either team to activate them; once one team controls both of them, they can release the Dragon Knight sealed in a statue at the centre of the map and lay waste to their enemy's fortifications.

Throughout the game the Lady remains friendly and helpful, encouraging players to make liberal use of the Dragon Knight's power but never ordering, coercing or forcing them to do anything. It's unclear if she's a villain or not. However, she cites wanting to "remind this world of its true heritage" as her reason for helping the heroes.