The following is a list of quotations from Kerrigan.

Interactions Edit

  • "Cute. Where's my real ally?"
  • "I sense a lot of hatred in you for one so small."
  • "Ready to watch a real assassin at work?"
  • "That's me. And... who are you, again?"
  • "You up for this, cowboy?"
  • "You know it."
  • "I am not your enemy, Tassadar. Things have changed."
  • "Fifteen years, at least."
  • "Ready for some fun, Zeratul?"
  • "Let your blade do the talking, Zeratul."


  • "Abathur..."
  • "Good"


  • "This will be just like the psi-destroyer, split and destroy"
  • "Follow me, and the essence keeps flowing"


  • "Ugh..Tychus. I can't believe this..."
  • "Don't worry about it, You'll be left behind soon enough"

Tychus (infested)

  • "You know who i am, yes?. Follow your queen"
  • "No, for me"


  • "Artanis...."
  • "I am not your enemy, Artanis. not for this fight anyway"


  • "Zagara...there's no one i'd rather have as my second"
  • "Remember what i thought you about vision?, time to put it into practice"

Kills Edit

  • "Play time's over. Get back to work."
  • "What's up with all these bratty princes anyways?"
  • "Nice try, blondie. Hmph. You're still second best."
  • "Weren't you supposed to kill me, Jim?"
  • "Long live the real queen."
  • "You never stood a chance, Zeratul."

Protoss (except Zeratul)

  • "Protoss, all talk"


  • "There can only be one"


  • "Take a rest, Leoric"

Terran (except Raynor)

  • "Never cross the Queen of Blades"

Zerg (except Abathur)

  • "How dare you disobey your queen"

Clicked Edit


Queen of GhostsEdit

  • "Lieutenant Kerrigan reporting."
  • "What now?"

Humorous Edit

These lines can be heard if Kerrigan is clicked repeatedly. References made within the lines are linked to the point of reference:


Queen of GhostsEdit

  • "Magistrate... I mean, Commander... wait, what do I call you again?"
  • "Still easily amused, huh?"
  • "I'm just glad Jim decided to help me take the fight to Mengsk. Can't imagine what I'd do without him."
  • "The goggles? Yeaaah. They do nothing."
  • "It's been a while since I've worn a hostile environment suit. When did they get all these glowing lines?"
  • "Never had much love for Valerian, but I have to admit, his boys in the lab whipped up some neat toys. Remind me to thank that Reigel guy when I have a chance."
  • "Considering how much they spent on these wings, you'd think they coulda sprung for a cloaking device."
  • "Reminds me of an old Academy joke: What do you call a ghost that's not invisible? A corpse."
  • "It is nice to be human again, but you really can't make up your mind, can you, Blizzard? What's next? A xel'naga?" (laugh) "That'd be hilarious."
  • "You look stressed. Got something on your mind?" (pause) "Uhh...remind me not to ask you that again."
  • "Yes, the idea of a robotic ultralisk is completely crazy, but have you seen how cool it looks?"
  • way. It's a series of tubes." "It's not hair, by the way. It's a series of tubes."
  • "I AM THE SWARM! Oh...sorry. It's a little tough getting the thoughts of an entire alien race out of your head, you know? EVOLVE! SURVIVE! Ugh... this is gonna take a while."

Heroic Abilities Edit

  • "Your time's up."
  • "Sic'em."
  • "Unbridled fury!"