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Franchise-starcraft This character is from the StarCraft universe.

"It's not easy being queen. So many subjects to keep in line. So many scores to settle. I am the Swarm. And vengeance has never looked this good."

- Kerrigan(src)

Queen of Blades
Role Assassin
Attack Damage 62
Attack Speed 1.00
DPS 62.00
Health 830
Health Regen 1.66
Shields 0
Ability Power +0%
Mana 500
Mana Regen 3.00
Cooldown Reduction +0%
Movement Speed 4.40
Gold 10000 IconGold1
Cash (US) $9.99

Kerrigan, the Queen of Blades, is an assassin hero from the StarCraft franchise. Kerrigan gains shields by attacking and dealing damage, and can use her wings to swoop up multiple enemies.



Once a Terran ghost with psionic abilities, Sarah Kerrigan was betrayed by her allies and transformed by the ravenous zerg into the indomitable Queen of Blades. Now freed of The Dark God Amon’s corruption, Kerrigan faces a threat that could destroy the galaxy itself.[1]


Name Key Target Cost Cooldown Description
Q Enemy 75 mana 8 sec. Leap to an enemy and deal damage.
Impaling Blades
W Location 60 mana 12 sec. Stun and damage enemies in an area.
Primal Grasp
E AoE 50 mana 8 sec. Pull and damage enemies in an area.


Name Type Description
Passive Gain a temporary shield by attacking enemies.

Heroic Abilities

Name Key Target Cost Cooldown Description
Summon Ultralisk
R Target 100 mana 80 sec. Spawns an Ultralisk to attack target enemy.
R AoE 100 mana 120 sec. Damages all nearby enemies.


Queen of Blades

Kerrigan, the Queen of Suffering, rules over her brood of succubi with a fel iron fist. Warlocks foolish enough to summon her will incur a wrath more terrible than any have ever known.

Original model, since removed
Countess von Kerrigan, the Queen of Ravens
This model has yet to be implemented. The premise is that this Kerrigan was born in the Raven Court or went there.[2]

Quotes and Facts


See also: Kerrigan quotations

  • Kerrigan's trailer quote is an altered form of her monologue delivered in the intro of Heart of the Swarm.


HDevelop Purple
InfestedKerrigan DotA DevRend1

Kerrigan as she appeared in Blizzard DotA

Kerrigan was present in the game as earlier as its "Blizzard DotA" conception. In this version, she was an individual from the Antiverse. In this reality, she was betrayed by Raynor at New Gettysburg. She willingly embraced infestation by the zerg so that she could battle against the Terran Dominion.[3]

In terms of gameplay, Kerrigan was originally a DPS-type hero.[4] She could use her abilities to kill large numbers of enemy units simultaneously and could surprise enemy heroes with huge bursts of damage. She benefited from intelligence items.[3] She was compared to heroes like Krobelus, Darchow, or Lion from the original DotA.[5]

Kerrigan's ghost form was under consideration to be a separate hero in the game.[6] However, it has since been made an optional coloration for Nova.[7]

Kerrigan could originally ride a zergling mount.[8]

Original Stats

  • Life: 2+
  • Attack: Almost 3
  • Abilities: 4
  • Speed: 3+[9]

Original Abilities

  • Force Shield
  • Force Wave
  • Implosion
  • Maelstrom
  • Soul Siphon
  • Chain Lightning[8]

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