The following is a list of quotations from Kael'thas:

Interactions Edit

  • "Lord Illidan. You look... different."
  • "As you wish... Master."
  • "Jaina, you could still join me! It's not too late!"
  • "You've grown so cold, Jaina. Perhaps you need a fire to warm that icy heart of yours."
  • "Who let a murloc in here?!"
  • "I feel I should be offended, but I'm not certain why."
  • "Looking to fail in a Sunstrider's service once more are we, Sylvanas?"
  • "Hmph. Be careful. Flap that jaw too much and it may just fall off."

Kills Edit

  • "You took everything from me, Arthas! Now... I take it from you."
  • "Mmmm. What delicious fel energy."
  • "Kil'Jaeden will be pleased."
  • "It was never meant to end this way, Jaina."
  • "You - a queen? I’ve seen ogres more regal."
  • "Let me guess. You were sleeping through this battle, too."
  • "Ugh, at least I didn't have to touch it to kill it."
  • "Failure appears to be a habit of yours, Windrunner."
Vashj (NYI)
  • "You are of no use to me, naga."[1]

Clicked Edit

  • "I pledge myself to your service." (Upon purchase)
  • "I sense something...elusive."
  • "My people will be avenged!"
  • "First the Alliance has failed my people, then the Illidari. It does not matter. My people will be avenged."

Humorous Edit

These lines can be heard if Kael'thas is clicked repeatedly. References made within the lines are linked to the point of reference:

  • "I don't suffer setbacks. I revel in them."
  • "This plate mail does nothing to combat the heat! It's like an oven in here!"
  • "I hope you realize you are not nearly important enough to be this insolent!"
  • "Mmmm, yes, I'd Mana Tap that."
  • "This is your brain. Say hello, Brain." (altered voice) "Hello." (normal voice) "And this is your brain on fel magic." (burst of felfire, "Brain" screams) "Any questions?"
  • "Watch where you're clicking. This hair takes a lot of work!"
  • "They made Lor'themar ranger-general? Really? What next? Are the blood elves becoming part of the Horde?" (Lor'themar is actualy Regent Lord blizzard made a mistake in the joke)
  • "You can see these green orbs, too? Oh, good. Thought I was starting to freak out there for a second."
  • "I can never get used to the smell of burnt hair! Blecch!"
  • "Alright, SHUT UP! Will everyone just hold on for ONE SECOND?!" (breathing heavily) "I'm starting to crash." (sound of draining magic) "Ahh, much better."
  • "Blood for the Blood Elves! Sun for the Sun King!"
  • " people are addicted to it." (pause) "You know what, I've given this speech a million times, so maybe you can just go look it up online."

Heroic Abilities Edit

  • "Behold, the Phoenix God Al'ar!"
  • "Know my fury!"
  • "Now you will taste true power!"
  • "Fire consume you!"
  • "None spare the flame!"

References Edit

  1. 2015-04-24, Kael'thas Sunstrider Will Become the Next Hero to Nexus?. 2p, accessed on 2015-05-01

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