The following is a list of quotations from Kael'thas:

Interactions Edit

  • "Lord Illidan. You look... different."
  • "As you wish... Master."
  • "Jaina, you could still join me! It's not too late!"
  • "You've grown so cold, Jaina. Perhaps you need a fire to warm that icy heart of yours."
  • "Who let a murloc in here?!"
  • "I feel I should be offended, but I'm not certain why."
  • "Looking to fail in a Sunstrider's service once more are we, Sylvanas?"
  • "Hmph. Be careful. Flap that jaw too much and it may just fall off."

Kills Edit

  • "Oh get up. Oh... Oh."
  • "You took everything from me, Arthas! Now... I take it from you."
  • "It was never meant to end this way, Jaina."
  • "You - a queen? I’ve seen ogres more regal."
  • "Let me guess. You were sleeping through this battle, too."
  • "Ugh, at least I didn't have to touch it to kill it."
  • "Failure appears to be a habit of yours, Windrunner."
Vashj (NYI)
  • "You are of no use to me, naga."[1]

Clicked Edit

Humorous Edit

These lines can be heard if Kael'thas is clicked repeatedly. References made within the lines are linked to the point of reference:

  • "I don't suffer setbacks. I revel in them."
  • "This plate mail does nothing to combat the heat! It's like an oven in here!"
  • "I hope you realize you are not nearly important enough to be this insolent!"
  • "Mmmm, yes, I'd Mana Tap that."
  • "This is your brain. Say hello, Brain." (altered voice) "Hello." (normal voice) "And this is your brain on fel magic." (burst of felfire, "Brain" screams) "Any questions?"
  • "Watch where you're clicking. This hair takes a lot of work!"
  • "They made Lor'themar ranger-general? Really? What next? Are the blood elves becoming part of the Horde?"
  • "You can see these green orbs, too? Oh, good. Thought I was starting to freak out there for a second."
  • "I can never get used to the smell of burnt hair! Blecch!"
  • "Alright, SHUT UP! Will everyone just hold on for ONE SECOND?!" (breathing heavily) "I'm starting to crash." (sound of draining magic) "Ahh, much better."
  • "Blood for the Blood Elves! Sun for the Sun King!"
  • " people are addicted to it." (pause) "You know what, I've given this speech a million times, so maybe you can just go look it up online."

Heroic Abilities Edit

  • "Behold, the Phoenix God Al'ar!"
  • "Know my fury!"
  • "Now you will taste true power!"
  • "Fire consume you!"
  • "None spare the flame!"

References Edit

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