The following is a list of quotations from Ka:

Start of a Match  Edit

  • "I would prepare for your ceaseless battle. If you wish to live that is."
  • "The temple opens in ten seconds."
  • "Let your battle begin."
  • ”Slay each other.”

Temple QuotesEdit


  • "The light of the sun grows within the temples. Soon, they shall bask in my glory."
  • "Yes, my magic flows through the temples... Guardians, do not let these mortals approach them."


  • "My temples' power has been expended. You are stronger than I believed."
  • "My temples' magic subsides. Find something else to fight over."
  • "You have stolen enough of my temples' power. Return to your 'war,' heroes."
  • "And so the light fades from my temples. But it will return again" (chuckles)."
  • "My magic of the temples sleeps... until I choose otherwise."

Player KillsEdit

  • "You have... some skill. It's true."
  • "Devious."
  • "Now that was a kill."
  • "Charming"

Player DeathsEdit

  • "The dead have a habit of returning in Luxoria"
  • "That's the end of your killing spree."
  • "Don't think I'll just let you die."
  • "Oops."
  • " will rise again."
  • "You, have been slain."
  • "At least it's temporary."

Victory Edit

  • "Victory."
  • "It's over now. Leave my domain."
  • "You expected congratulations?"


  • "Darkness has taken you."
  • "Do visit again."


  • "See? I'm always right."