The following is a list of quotations from Jaina.


  • "The battle awaits us."
  • "I will never forgive you for what you have done, Arthas!"
  • "Do not speak to me. You may look like Arthas, but you are nothing like him."
  • "Kael'thas."
  • "Kael, just stop. You know that's never going to happen."
  • "(sigh) If one murloc is here, there are more nearby, aren't there?"
  • "(laughs) Okay, that's kind of cute."
  • "It's been a long time since we fought together, Thrall."
  • "Nice to be on the same side for a change."
  • "Lord Uther. I am so sorry about Arthas. If only I could have convinced him."
  • "You have no idea how much we've missed your counsel, Uther."


  • "By the Light, find your rest, Arthas."
  • "We will not suffer your kind, demon."
  • "That outta set you back a bit."
  • "A warrior should know better than to tangle with a frost mage."
  • "Oh! I think I got him for real that time!"
  • "A pity you would not listen to reason."
  • "Someone's been practicing." (complimenting another hero's kill)


  • "My sorcery is unrivaled." (upon purchase)
  • "What's the plan?"
  • "Shh! I'm trying to think here!"
  • "All I ever wanted to do was study. Of course, then a giant demon smashed my home apart, so that kind of put an end to that."


  • "I wonder if my teleport spells will work here? Now where'd that spell go...ah, here it is! Azeroth metreon zinthos! Wait, that's not right."
  • "So forget what I said before - now is when things are getting weird. I mean, I saw a dwarf made of candy earlier!"
  • " that a white hair?! I hope that's not a bad sign."
  • "Sure is nice to get outside once in a while. Feels like I've been cooped up in a tower for years."
  • "I wonder why they call it 'Polymorph' when it always turns enemies into one thing. They should have called it something like 'Monomorph' or 'That Spell That Turns People Into Sheep'."
  • "I'm a sorceress, and a thumping good one too."
  • "Do you believe in magic in a young girl's heart? Because you're encased in ice, so you probably should start."
  • "I put a spell on you, because you're mine."
  • "Let's just be clear: these aren't magic tricks, they're illusions. Tricks are something you do during Hallow's End for candy."
  • "I'm sorry, what? Thrall and me? Ugh, who keeps spreading that filthy rumor? Besides, everyone knows I prefer blue over green."
  • "Not to mention the last two men who sought my attention tried to take over the world...yeah. I think I'd rather just study."
  • "The Horde and Alliance can coexist. I've seen it. One single event can draw us together."
  • "By the way, if you're holding on for a 'Frozen' reference, just let it go." (gasp) "Oh no. What have I done?"
  • "When my brother Derek was killed, my father swore an eternal oath to destroy all orcs on Azeroth. I always wonder how I would handle a loss like that. Honestly, I just pray I never have to find out."

Heroic AbilitiesEdit

  • "Elemental, defend me!"
  • "Your time has come, friend!"
  • "Rise servant of Neptulon!"
  • "Ring of Frost!"
  • "Freeze!"
  • "Now you're mine!"
  • "Here we go!"


  • "Alright with me." (after choosing a talent)
  • "Focus upon this hero." (requesting allies to attack an enemy hero)

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