The following is a list of quotations from Illidan. Though there are separate voice files for his Spectre version, the quotes are identical.


  • "Together we will unleash the tides of doom." (upon purchase)
  • "My hatred is unending." (upon selection)
  • "I grow impatient."
  • "Who dares address me?"
  • "I’m blind, not deaf."


  • "Shall we, brother?"
  • "Get over yourself!"
  • "I have no time for children's games."
  • "Ugh, for the love of..."
  • "I have only ever fought for you, Tyrande."
  • "And loving you is mine."


  • "Easily."
  • "Hardly a challenge."
  • "Evil draws close."
  • "I alone must act."
  • "I feel only hatred."
  • "Is that all?"
  • "Let's move out."
  • "At last."
  • "Quickly!"


  • "Vengeance is mine!"
  • "Die, fool!"
  • "You will regret aproaching me!"
  • "I claim your wretched life!"
  • "This ends now!"
  • "Taste the blade of Azzinoth!"
  • "Finally!"


  • "Who next shall taste my blades?"
  • "This is too easy."
  • "Burn with the flames of Azzinoth!"
  • "Heh, rabble."
  • "Heh."
  • "Today and forever I am your better, Arthas."
  • "And so it ends, brother."
  • "Tyrande! No! What have I done?"
  • "You would never have survived my training."
  • "I'm taking your skull. Deal with it." (unused)[1]


  • "None may challenge me!"
  • "I will have my vengeance!"
  • "They will pay for that!"


These lines can be heard if Illidan is clicked repeatedly. References made within the lines are linked to the point of reference:

  • (Text message/cell vibration sounds) "Hold on. Darkness just texted me."
  • "Does anyone else miss chaos damage?"
  • "No, I did not just see that. Or anything else for that matter."
  • "Remember when wings, hooves, and horns were strange for Warcraft? Ahh, the good old days."
  • "Alas, poor Gul'dan...I...never knew him at all, actually."
  • "What do you mean Blizzard added monks before demon hunters? Monks aren't even a real hero class!"
  • "You know, for ten thousand years old Tyrande still looks pretty good. At least that’s what they tell me."
  • "Ugh, my brother is such a tree hugger."
  • "Is Maiev behind me? She's totally behind me, isn’t she?"
  • "All right I'm ready. All I need is someone to point me to the piñata."
  • "I hate to admit it but you were... uh... kind of prepared."
  • "Ugh. This terrain is hell on my feet! These dogs are going to be barking in the morning!"

Heroic AbilitiesEdit

  • "Now I am complete!"
  • "Feel the hatred of ten thousand years!"
  • "You are not prepared!"


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