The following is a list of quotations from Ilarian:


  • "Admirable."
  • "Such daring!"
  • "Your spirit is strong, mortal."
  • "The angels smile on you."


  • "Have courage mortal. Hope remains."
  • "Your killing spree is over."
  • "You have strength in your heart. Call upon it."
  • "The forces of evil are mighty. But so are we."


  • "Repent before my wrath, demon."
  • "I will deliver this realm from your corruption, hell’s spawn."
  • "I shall purge your evil from this land, demon."


This quotes are said at the midpoint of Ilarian's duel with Beleth:

  • "Enough. I seek better ground."
  • "Be warned allies. I move to new ground."
  • "I must find another way."
  • "I shall take up a new position."


The following quotes are given if Ilarian wins the duel with Beleth:

  • "You and all your servants in Hell will cower before me."
  • "There is no place where evil can hide from my gaze."
  • "The wickedness of hell dwindles before me."
  • "Let the burning hell atone for their sins."
  • "Victory through righteousness!"(upon winning a duel).
  • "To me, mortals! I march for hell's gates."
  • "The Heavens shall triumph this day!"
  • "Our triumph brings order to this land."
  • "Our victory irradiates through this land."
  • "There is no escaping my justice."


  • "Let the battle begin." (start of a match)
  • "Keep destroyed."
  • "No, our Punisher has been felled." (Infernal Shrines only)
  • "Victory." (in the event of the player's team winning)
  • "We will fight again."
  • "We shall strike back."