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Heroes gain experience at the end of matches. As the heroes level, they unlock features. Please see Hero Level for the level rewards. Experience earned is equal to the team experience from the match, plus any applicable bonuses. Playing in a match with a person on your friends list grants 50% bonus experience, winning a Quick Match grants a bonus 50,000 experience, and holiday periods can grant bonus experience.

The required experience to level is as follows:

Levelxp to next levelTotal xp
Level 2100,000 experience100,000 experience
Level 3100,000 experience200,000 experience
Level 4100,000 experience300,000 experience
Level 5475,000 experience775,000 experience
Level 6475,000 experience1,250,000 experience
Level 7950,000 experience2,200,000 experience
Level 81,425,000 experience3,625,000 experience
Level 92,850,000 experience6,475,000 experience
Level 104,750,000 experience11,225,000 experience

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