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The following is a list of quotations from Gul'dan.

Interactions Edit

  • "Ah. The so-called Guardian." (laughs) "How fitting that we are allied once again."
  • "Indeed. This time, I shall bring it fully to ruin."

Kills Edit

Regular responses

  • "Your suffering has only begun."
  • "That was a mistake."
  • "Your soul will serve me well."
  • "Whatever is left of your power... is mine."
  • "Crushed, body and spirit."
  • "I will not be denied."

Clicked Edit

  • "I will not be denied!" (upon selection)
  • "You address the darkness itself."
  • "Watch your words, whelp."
  • "The Nexus is a conflux of power, but what purpose does it serve? And more importantly, how can it be made to serve me?"

Moving Edit

  • "Infinite possibilities."
  • "This realm's power will be mine."
  • "Yes..."
  • "The time has come."
  • "The ritual begins."
  • "Disorder gives way to the Fel."
  • "Let the suffering commense."
  • "... fitting."
  • "I will not be denied."

Attacking Edit

  • "I will bleed you dry!"
  • "Bask in my glory!"
  • "Your death will be excruciating!"
  • "Embrace the shadow!"
  • "You will lose... everything!"
  • "Your soul will suffer!"
  • "It will all be over... eventually."

Humorous Edit

These lines can be heard if Gul'dan is clicked repeatedly. References made within the lines are linked to the point of reference:

  • "Does anyone know when these spikes grew out of my back? You would think I would remember something like that."
  • "I'll have you know Death Knights were my idea first, and for the record, most of Ner'zhul's aren't even dead! It's complete lunacy!"
  • "Do not test me, mortal! I've more power in my skull than you do in your entire body! Heh. Just ask Illidan."
  • "A true warlock doesn't need to summon infernal horrors... when they are the infernal horror."
  • "Poke not the darkness, lest the darkness poke you."
  • "You're saying there's an alternate timeline version of me loose upon the cosmos? (laughter) You are all so very doomed! They don't even know what to do with just one of me!"
  • "I once was the head of a secretive council that controlled the Orcish Horde from the shadows. I called it... the Shadow Council. Shut up! Naming things is hard!"
  • "When the Warlock clans first began their training their primitive incantations could barely summon spiders. Summoning a demon, pfft. Merely a dream."
  • "And back then, 'daemon' had an 'a' in it, like I intended! It looks more mystical that way."
  • "Those with power must wield it without fear. And if that power allows you to cast fear upon others... Well, that's a nice bonus."
  • "I am Darkness Incarnate! Soon you shall all-" (phone ringing) "Always the worst timing. I'm so sorry, hold on... Who is this? Darkness who? Oh. Umm... hmm... okay. I'm being sued for trademark infringement. Now that's evil."
  • "The Hand of Gul'dan is a monument of fire and fury, a symbol of the Horde's eternal allegiance to the Fel! And it is also the name of a spell. What did I say about naming things?!"
  • "Don't let others fool you. It is much easier being green. In fact, (bubbling sounds) why don't we talk about it over a drink?" (laughter)

Heroic Abilities Edit


  • "Know the true essence of fear!"
  • "Spineless cowards!"
  • "Your mind... so... feeble!"
  • "Run, weakling! Run!"

Rain of Destruction

  • "The shattering is upon you!"
  • "Beautiful..."
  • "Bear witness to the dark master's power!"
  • "Your time is at its end!"

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