The following is a list of quotations from the Grave Keeper. They are divided between his Haunted Mines and Towers of Doom appearances.

Haunted MinesEdit


  • "Get ready for combat, heroes."
  • "Battle commencing in ten seconds."

Golem QuotesEdit

  • "Well done. Your golem is stronger than your foes'"
  • "Rise, golem, rise, and let loose your wrath."
  • Sometimes, when the ally golem is stronger than the one of the enemy, Grave keeper says "Ooh, things are about to get grave." Strangely, with subtitles on, This line appears as a normal line.


  • "Enter heroes. The dead await." (when the mine area opens)
  • "Fort destroyed."
  • "Did I not mention this land is beyond death?" (if the player's hero is killed)
  • "Well done, well done indeed." (if the player's team wins)

Towers of Doom Edit

Battle begins Edit

Altars prepare to spawn Edit

  • "Be ready, the altars are rising from the mists."
  • "Ah, not long now... the altars are rising. Ready yourselves, we must claim them first!"
  • "Another altar, another battle. Hahahahahahaha!"
  • "Yes, yes... Let the altars rise!"
  • "The altars rise again, heroes!"
  • "Soon, the altars will be ours!"

Altars spawn Edit

  • "Finally... the altars are ready! Capture them, heroes! And be quick about it!"
  • "And so they return. Capture the altars quickly, heroes!"
  • "The altars stand ready. Capture them before the Raven Lord's pawns do."
  • "The altars belong to those who claim them. That means you."
  • "Go! Do not let the altars fall into the Raven Lord's talons!"
  • "Capture the altars, and we shall deal the Raven Lord a grievous blow."

Altar captured Edit

If siding with Grave Keeper

  • "The Raven Lord will fall before me!"
  • "Yes, heroes! Activate the towers!"
  • "The Raven Lord will not keep me from this realm!"
  • "Fire the towers! Destroy the Raven Lord!"
  • "Let the assault begin!"
  • "Show the Raven Lord the extent of my power!"

If siding with Raven Lord

  • "Let the assault begin!"
  • "You've lost this one, Raven Lord! It will not be your last!"
  • "Your time is ending, Raven Lord!"
  • "I will not return to those wretched mines!"
  • "Fire upon the core! Shatter it!"
  • "You will fall, Raven Lord! This is the way of the Nexus!"

Enemy killed Edit

  • "Send his servants to their graves!"

Tunnels open Edit

The former exchange is used if siding with Grave Keeper, the latter if siding with Raven Lord.

  • Grave Keeper: "Heroes, I have opened a tunnel near our core that leads to the battleground's center. Use it well." Raven Lord: "Oh... My heroes shall have this gift as well. Hmhmhmhmhm..."
  • Raven Lord: "Heroes, I have opened a tunnel near our core that leads to the battleground's center. Use it well." Grave Keeper: "What?! I mean... I knew I could do that! I've opened my tunnel as well!"

Banter with Raven Lord Edit

  • "You're losing your touch, Raven Lord!"
  • "I will not give up so easily!"
  • "You will pay for your arrogance!"
  • "Ha! As feeble as your words!"

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