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Gold is used to purchase skins, mounts, and permanent access to heroes.

  • Playing a match (non-vs-A.I.) gives you 20 gold, or 30 gold if you win. A stimpack increases this to 50 and 75 per match, respectively.
  • Winning a vs-A.I. match gives you 10 gold.
  • Reaching player levels 2 and 4 gives you 1000 gold each.
  • Reaching player levels 8, 10, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 gives you 2000 gold each.
  • Reaching Hero level 5 (out-of-game) on any Hero gives you 500 gold each.
  • Reaching Hero level 9 on any Hero gives you 750 gold each.
  • Reaching Hero level 15 on any Hero gives you 1,000 gold each.
  • Reaching Hero level 20 on any Hero gives you 2,000 gold each.
  • Completing a quest gives you 200 to 800 gold, depending on the quest.
  • Completing the Introduction tutorial for 250 gold, the Basic tutorial for 250 gold, and Advanced tutorial for 500g. Press Escape when you're in the main menu and then hit tutorials and select which ever one.
Treasure goblins could be killed for 100 gold per day[1] in the Eternal Conflict event.

Quotes and Facts


Gold is the de facto currency for both the Diablo and Warcraft series.


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