Franchise-starcraft This is from the StarCraft universe.

FenixDragoon SC1 Cncpt1

Fenix may be a playable hero in Heroes of the Storm.[1]


Fenix was Team 1's first choice for a StarCraft warrior. It was decided that to represent his lore, a talent or trait had to represent his transformation from a zealot into a dragoon. However, with a berth of characters with resurrection traits already existing in the game, Fenix has been put on the backburner. At GamesCom 2015, Dustin Browder stated that "give us about 6 months and we may talk about Fenix then" (equating to February, 2016).[2]


  • "Fenix" is the Middle English word for "phoenix," a bird from Greek mythology that is cyclically reborn.


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