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The Druid has been listed as a possible hero for inclusion in Heroes of the Storm.[1]

Background Edit

The Druids are a race of nomadic warrior-poet-kings. Kin to the Barbarians, they make their home in Scosglen.

The Druids shun the use of traditional magic, or Dubhdroiacht, as they call it. Living by the Caoi Dúlra, a philosophy that exhorts oneness with the natural world, they instead practice a form of magic based in their close bond to nature. Through this intimate kinship with the world of Sanctuary, a Druid has the power to command fire, earth, and the winds. Druids are so tied to the natural world that they can call upon the aid of animals and even plants to help them in battle. Druids are friends to the animals of the wilds and can call upon them to aid in his struggle. They can also use their heightened rapport with the animals to change the shape of their own body, drawing on the strengths and abilities of their woodland companions to better serve their cause. The most astounding Druid ability is that of shapeshifting, allowing them to manipulate their flesh and form to take on the characteristics of the beasts they have sworn to protect.


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