The following is a list of quotations from Dehaka.

Clicked Edit

  • "I listen."
  • "So much essence."
  • "Do not aggravate me."

Attacking Edit

  • "Strike...strike now!. I will follow"
  • "We must attack while they are vulnerable"
  • "Kill the enemy, collect their essence"

Pinging Edit

  • "They will die without our aid" (calling for an assist towards another hero)
  • "Help me, I am outmatched" (call for aid)
  • "I cannot survive this alone" (call for aid)
  • "This is where we should strike next" (call for attack)
  • "Finish this, attack the core" (call for attack vs core)
  • "Overwhelm these mercenaries" (call for assist vs mercenary camp)
  • "Arggg metal and stone...attack this fort" (call for attack vs fort)
  • "Claim this watchtower" (call for capturing a watchtower)
  • "I can smell the enemy near" (warning of danger)
  • "Beware, danger is near" (warning of danger)
  • "Do not let them destroy our core" (call for defense of core)
  • "Defend our fort" (call for defense of fort)
  • "Defend this structure" (call for defense of structure)
  • "Kill this hero so i may collect" (call for assistance on killing an enemy hero)
  • "I come to you" (on the way)
  • "Will be there soon" (on the way)
  • "Run now" (call for retreat)
  • "We must run from this" (call for retreat)

Hero interaction Edit


  • "You change swarm, but not yourself"
  • "Evolution master, disinterested in evolution...pathetic"


  • "Sword collects much essence, but what are you without it?"
  • "I will collect fallen essence, do not take what is mine"


  • "Queen of Blades, looking forward to fighting with you again"
  • "Yes, always much essence when fighting with you"


  • "Peculiar essence, not sure if i can collect"
  • "Do not understand, learn to speak properly"

Terran characters (Raynor, Lt. Morales, Sgt. Hammer, Tychus, Nova)

  • "You adapt with tools, not with change, will that be enough?"
  • "We will see if you are weak or strong"

Protoss (Artanis, Tassadar, Zeratul)

  • "You do not change, cannot change, but you can fight"
  • "Be thankful i cannot collect from you"


  • "Dead will serve you, but i take essence first"
  • "Not the first queen i follow"


  • "Strong for one who does not collect, but how strong?"
  • "You seek change to adapt, evolve...more like me than you know"

Hero Kills Edit


  • "Change cannot be controlled, must be embraced"


  • "You collected dead essence... foolish! Life stronger than death."


  • "Double the essence, very good"


  • "I followed you for essence, now i have yours"

The Lost Vikings

  • "The essence of three, must collect the rest"


  • "Collected essence but it remains, must try again"


  • "Arghhh, Cannot collect your essence...why?"

Sgt Hammers

  • "Terran shell of steel, no match for claws"


  • "Much essence in you, but none was yours"


  • "Cold essence, like it was collected before"


  • "Strong essence...for a terran"


  • "Waited so long to collect your essence...disappointing"

Zerg characters

  • "Your strength lives on in me"

Humorous Edit