Darkness is an apparent individual referenced in various character quotations. The joke has its origins in Warcraft III, where demon hunters said "darkness called," followed by a game of phone tag through the quotes of other characters.

The lines of reference within Heroes of the Storm are as follows:


  • Arthas: "Darkness stopped calling. It’s alright, though. We are still friends through Real ID."
  • Arthas (Crown Prince skin): (phone rings) "I'm sorry, I have to take this." (answers the phone) "Darkness! How's it - wait, what? Oh. Yeah, there's a lot of demon hunters now, that was bound to happen. I agree, I agree, it's very confusing. L-look, I gotta go, I'm in the middle of a thing here. Yeah, yeah, no, we'll hang out soon. Okay, bye."


  • Leoric: "Darkness follows me. I follow him too, but he doesn't post much."
  • Leoric (Space Lord): "The Eternal Empire has consumed many worlds. Their power is bound to me through the darkness."
  • "Leoric (Space Lord): "Never underestimate the power of the darkness. Seriously, don't. Darkness gets all passive aggressive about it. Leaves little sticky notes everywhere."
  • "Leoric (Space Lord): "Yes, the power of darkness looks like some sort of red hologram. What of it?"


  • Gul'dan: "I am Darkness Incarnate! Soon you shall all-" (phone rings) "Always the worst timing. I'm so sorry, hold on... Who is this? Darkness who? Oh. Umm... hmm... okay. I'm being sued for trademark infringement. Now that's evil."
  • Illidan: (Text message/cell vibration sounds) "Hold on. Darkness just texted me."
  • Kel'Thuzad: "The Darkness guides me. He's the only one with GPS, after all."
  • Li-Ming: "I once cast magic missile into the darkness. Boy was he sore about it."
  • Malfurion: "I sense Darkness in the dream ways. You know, I haven't seen him in a while. I should go say hello."
  • Valla: (Tristram musical ringtone) "Hello? Who is this? I don’t know any 'Darkness'. Look, I think you’ve got the wrong demon hunter. Yeah. Yeah, good bye."
  • Zeratul: "Darkness is my ally...but we keep it casual. The Void is a jealous mistress."