• Move to location: Right-click
  • Attack: A, then Left-click (hold for continuous fire, if available)
  • Auto-attack: A, then Left-click on location
  • Special attack: Q, then Left-click
  • Inspire ability: W
  • Self cast: Alt + Q,W,E
  • Unlock camera: L
  • Return camera to hero: Spacebar
  • Zoom in/out: mouse scroll wheel
  • Save camera position: Ctrl + F5,F6,F7
  • Switch to saved position: F5,F6,F7
  • Mount/Unmount: Z
  • Teleport to base: B
  • Pick up objects: Move through them
  • Pings for teammates: G or Alt + Left-click
  • Queue commands: Shift
  • Game stats/talents: Tab
  • Character stats: C

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