• TheBlueRogue

    Hello Heroes of the Storm Wiki Contributors!

    If you’ve touched a controller/keyboard in the last 5 years, you’ve got an idea of what eSports is. People playing competitively for big bucks, occasionally in matching track suits. But there’s a lot more to it than that, don’t know the difference between ESL and FGC? Cloud9 and Day[9]? Fret not! Wikia and their panel of pros are here to answer your questions.

    Wikia is hosting a panel at this year’s PAX Prime, entitled What the Heck is eSports with the help of industry pros such as:

    Matt Dahlgren (Capcom), Trevor Housten (Blizzard), Craig Levine (ESL), Alex Mendez aka GoldenboyFTW (Twitch), Jorge Albor (Wikia), and Andrew Zucosky aka LiQuiD112 (Shacknews).

    They’ll be explaining the world of eSports …

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  • Raylan13

    The Mayhem Begins

    June 7, 2015 by Raylan13

    On Saturday, June 6th, we were treated to first-hand access to The Mayhem Begins, a livestream event hosted by YouTube featuring epic battles and announcements of yet-to-be-released content (which Hawki and Monsieur Xanadu have already dutifully been updating here). Unlike the folks hosting the event, we'll actually start with the new content!

    If you don't know, Cloud9 is a team of professional gamers that managed to obliterate their competition in the world finals. They aren't to be taken lightly by any stretch. In our other corner we had UC Berkeley, the winners of the Heroes of the Dorm competition that recently took place. One might think that, given the fact the latter actually have to go to school, the pro gamers would effectively steam…

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  • Knakveey

    Greetings MOBA fanatics!

    We are hosting a MOBA bracket tournament with some familiar names from your community. Come VOTE and check it out!
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  • Raylan13

    BlizzCon 2014

    November 5, 2014 by Raylan13
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  • Alayakin

    So, I was derping around Youtube, looking for some stuff to do, and i came across this channel called Sicksen. He posts great HotS content, even has an interview with Dustin Browder. You guys might have already seen them, but they're new to me. And i decided to write a post about everything new i learnt while watching (and that's saying a lot; i try to dig up every little bit of info i can on HotS)


    Pls keep in mind that these info are ones that previously was unknown to me, or useful enough to put in. And most of you probably seen these videos already. Just thought i'd be nice enough to keep them in a nice orderly fashion  

    Specific Heroes:

    Illidan: He's Talent tree is composed of 3 actives, 2 passives, and an Ultimate.

    Abathur:  - He's …

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  • Alayakin

    Hey guys!

    January 3, 2014 by Alayakin

    Hello everybody! My name is Alayakin, and I would love to contribute a lot to this Wiki. And before i do that i want to introduce myself.

    I am a 15 year old geek that lives in France. I am Korean, and i speak English and Chinese naturally. How do i know that? PM and i'll explain  :D

    Anyway, I have tons of new pictures and stuff that i can put into this wiki. Hopefully my activeties will be noticed by the admins (who are they, BTW?) and I might become one too!

    Anyway, I'm going to start from now. If any of you have any questions feel free to ask them; i literally read, watched, and listened to all the HotS sources i could find, so any questions about the game and i'll respond the best i can, whether it's about my life or how queuing up will be…

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  • Raylan13

    While attending BlizzCon 2013, a few of us had the unique opportunity to talk with Richard Khoo, Senior Game Designer (hero, battlegrounds, and talents), and Bob Colayco, of Heroes of the Storm. Below you'll find the transcript of the interview led by myself Raylan13 and Miguel (Wikia staff).

    Raylan13 (R): A lot of people are going to be comparing this to League of Legends. What's the takeaway you want an LoL player to know who is also a fan of Wracraft, StarCraft, or Diablo?

    Richard Khoo (RK): If they're a fan of Warcraft, Starcraft, or Diablo, the great thing is that we're drawing from lore that Blizzard has been working with for the past 22 years. I can play as Arthas and fight against Kerrigan, and to mix and match the fights like that is…

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