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Blackheart's Revenge

This Heroes Brawl is the first battleground to feature attack/defend style mechanics and introduces asymmetrical gameplay to Heroes of the Storm. On Blackheart’s Revenge, only one team has a Core. They must gather cannonballs, load them into the cannons located around the docks, and fire on the ship in hopes of sending Blackheart to a watery grave. Defenders must assist the ghost pirate in his siege by stopping the attacking team from collecting enough cannonballs to sink the ship before it reaches its destination.

Objectives Edit

  • Kill enemy heroes: Prevent enemy Heroes from collecting Cannonballs and firing the Cannons at Blackheart’s Ship.


  • Protect Blackheart's Ship: Defend the Ship until it destroys the enemy Core at the docks.

Media Edit

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Videos Edit

In Development New Heroes Brawl Battleground - Blackheart’s Revenge01:06

In Development New Heroes Brawl Battleground - Blackheart’s Revenge

Patch changes Edit

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